oracle database easy control manager 11g

Open up Command Prompt as an administrator.
Uncheck the "Run Quickstart" checkbox and click the "Done" button.
In previous releases, all software necessary for the installation was packaged into a single installation.
The Database Control is similar in function to the Grid Control, but it can idm serial number for registration 6.15 manage only a single database.After successful completion of step 3, please start the DB console.Wait while the configuration steps take place.Run the following command as the "oracle" user.Licensing Note: To make use of the Database Clone functionality present in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control you have must have a license for the Database Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack.On the Destination Options page you can choose how the files should be laid out on the system.In this example we will start the job immediately however; if need you can schedule this clone to take place some time in the future.With 11g Grid Control this has now changed, so you must manually install the repository database and the middleware layer before installing the grid control software itself.
Install Java JDK 6u18 using the following commands as the "root" user.
Enter password for the WebLogic domain and node manager users, then click the "Next" button.

This entire installation should be done on hardware dedicated to Grid Control.Click the flashlight to the right of the Host field to see a list of all the hosts configured in Grid Control.The sysman account is automatically granted the roles and privileges required to access all the management features provided by the Database Control.The Database Configuration page is split into multiple sections detailed below.Example of i file email protected cat oracle_home/install/i, enterprise Manager Console http Port (exarepo) 1158.C: nmectl_validateTZRegion, agentTZoffset - and testTZoffset for Time_Zone :-# do not match.# lsof -w -n -i tcp:7401 command PID user FD type device size node name java 1023 oracle 433r IPv4 187396 TCP :silhouette (listen) # kill 1023 # Once this is done, press the "Retry" button on the installer screen the the configuration should proceed.In the Destination Oracle Home section you choose the host in which you would like to place the clone.Newer versions of the Smart Update utility no longer allow you to download patches using the utility itself.A service specific error occurred:.
Click the View Details button to view the details of the clone job.