oracle 11g client windows 32 bit

Zip (510,809,607 bytes oracle Database 11g Release reinstall windows 7 professional without disc 1 Client (.0) for the book of eli subtitles Microsoft Windows (x64) win64_11gR1_client.
Zip (615,698,264 bytes) message_box title64-bit Download colorgreen Please complete the following for access to croatia travel guide lonely planet the download.
Instant Client.1 requires the Visual Studio 2010 redistributable.
Ora) and User.Accept License Agreement Decline License Agreement.Instant Client Package - Precompiler: Additional files for "proc" binary and related files to precompile a Pro*C application and demo Version.0 Instant Client Package - Basic: All files required to run OCI, occi, and jdbc-OCI applications Instant Client Package - Basic Lighte: Smaller version.First of all, you need to download proper files: here is the link for, instant Client Downloads for Microsoft Windows (32-bit), for odbc, you need and files (Oracle version) here is the link for, instant Client Downloads for Microsoft Windows (x64), for odbc.So in my situation I had to choose 32-bit odbc driver.Instant Client Package - jdbc Supplement: Additional support for XA, Internationalization, and RowSet operations under jdbc.Do NOT use the.0 client with Windows Server 2008.You dont have instant_client_11 on the list.Thats the problem I also had odbc driver didnt appear in odbc data source.See the, instant Client Home Page for more information about Instant Client.Toggle_box toggle_item titleClick for Older Client Download Information.I have on my PC: Windows 7 64-bit version, 64-bit Oracle client already installed but MS Office in 32-bit version.
So, right now we can configure odbc connection: choose Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Data Sources (odbc then System DNS and then Add, on the list, choose instant_client_11, then Finish and then in the configuration window wait.
Download and install the correct Visual Studio Redistributable from Microsoft.

Instant Client.2 requires the Visual Studio 2005 redistributable.Which version to choose 32-bit or 64-bit?message_box, oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client (.0) for Microsoft Windows (x64) win64_11gR2_client.We are sorry for any inconvenience.If you have multiple versions of Oracle libraries installed, make sure the new directory occurs first in the path.Anyway, both downloaded files, you need to unzip to THE same folder (for example: c:oracleinstant_client_11 then add the folder to the path environment variable: Then add the TNS_admin environment variable indicating the path to the tnsnames.
Instant Client.2 requires the Visual Studio 2013 redistributable.