open terminal in ubuntu

You can set your own keyboard shortcut to run a terminal.
There's a command for that too!./ filename.Caveat: It's possible (but rare) that a program doesn't understand the -h option to mean help.Each manual page has a name and a short description.Or you can click on the 'More Apps' button, click on the 'See more results' by the installed section, and find corel painter lite mac review it in that list of applications.M/ycyg4mk - "Top 3 Sites to Help You Become a Linux Command Line Master".Example: [email protected]: du /media/floppy 1032 /media/floppy/files 1036 /media/floppy/ [email protected]: du -sh /media/floppy.1M /media/floppy/ In the above example -s means "Summary" and -h means "Human Readable".All you need to do to find a previous command is to enter say the first two or three letters and upward arrow will take you there quickly: Say I want: for f in *.mid ; do timidity "f done All I need.For this reason, check for a man or info page first, and try the long option -help before -h.The ls command for example has an -s option so that "ls -s" will include file sizes in the listing.Try "info info" for the introduction to info pages.Man command, info command and command -help are the most important tools at the command line.As another example, "cd /Desktop" will move you to the Desktop subdirectory inside your home directory.Ctrl U Deletes from the start of the line to the current cursor position.Drop down terminals can make things a lot easier if you are trying to run a desktop enviroment with a non defualt window manager and something goes wrong drop down terminals can run the orginal window manager -replace to restore a previous option to make.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl Alt T, in Xfce (Xubuntu).
To Open Terminal on Ubuntu Gnome (Prior version of Ubuntu.02).

"free -m" will give the information using megabytes, which is probably most useful for current computers.Be careful when executing commands with administrative privileges - you might damage your system!Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift-t to open a new terminal instance.In Unity, unity is the default desktop environment used as.04.To get around this, you would type sudo mv /mydoc.You then click on that, and you'll see the full list.