one piece episode 668

At this Doflamingo becomes extremely enraged asking who is running around the Colosseum as Lucy.
Animation - Shigefumi Shingaki, direction - Tetsuya End, eyecatcher.At the royal palace, Viola tells the others that the doors lead to the ramparts and that there is a secret entrance to which they'll take.Luffy announces the doors to be open, to which Viola tells the others to hurry through the doors as it is the fastest way of entry.In the anime, the subordinate mentioned that there was "one more person and Kin'emon was seen brandishing his sword.Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Kin'emon, and Viola try to sneak into the Rampart Tower, in which Luffy merely breaks the front gates open and charges through many guards.The final round begins as Lucy tries to find the Fighting Fish with the Mera Mera.Diamante announces that this is a result of his Devil Fruit, the Hira Hira.Luffy - One Piece Logo, format 16:9 (hdtv) "The Final Round Starts - Diamante the Hero Shows Up" is the 668th episode of the.Diamante the Hero Shows Up!She also states that they would have no chance of toppling Doflamingo if the top brass were involved, especially Pica.
Airdate, november 2, 2014, season, piece 17 10, funimation Crunchyroll.

The gladiators rush at him but only injure themselves and break their swords.One of the guards recognizes Luffy and informs Doflamingo due to the apparent contradiction.However, Kin'emon discovers that Luffy is missing but not for long as Luffy attacks the palace doors with a Gigant Pistol.However, the group is interrupted as three gladiators rush at Rebecca, saying that they refuse to be beaten by her and that they cannot accept such an outcome.Lucy running on the outer circle of the ring, trying to find the Boss Class Fighting Fish holding the Mera Mera.More scenes of the finals not shown in the manga: After the match starts, Burgess makes the first move, attacking Lucy.Title, the Final Round Starts!Long Summary Edit The battle is set to begin as all four gta iv 100 save game pc contestants and Diamante enter the ring.
In the anime, he does not say anything.
Diamante dancing as he entered the arena, concluding his dance by making the gesture of shooting Rebecca.