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Sticks as usual came with the fancy shiny 16 GB stickers on them.
So, it might take you some time to fix your usb drive to default factory built memory capacity.
Net Protector Desktop Edition Compatible with.View Help Desk Nos.MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key, now its the simplest fix ever (after you get right tool).Picture : Shows the 2 keys just out of the packaging, with the shiny 16 gig sticker.Corporate Web Control » Blocks Unwanted Sites » Blocking as per categories » works with https: secure sites » Centrally manage policies » Manage cool computer games to from any internet device, buy Now, net Protector Z Security » Drive Backup » Data loss Prevention » Data leak Prevention » Web Control » Device Control » Virtual Keyboard » Disk Checker.The white one I was able to put back together without cosmetic damage!Know More, home/Small Enterprise, internet Security, mobile/Tablet.Name : Email-ID : Mobile : City : Select message : Message for : Select DepartmentSales DepartmentService DepartmentGeneral News Letters * Enter your Email-ID SignUp for receiving our Newsletters Brochure For Technical Queries / Service / Support / Help Desk 9:30 am.30.
Hi once again, Spent few hours today fixing Tamers usb keys he send to me (arrived this Friday just in nick of time before i left work for home ).

Simple insert your fake pen drive into the usb port, and open up the exe file (unzip above file first) and it should show up something like this in the picture (if your stick/controller card is the list it should show up too ).Various versions were downloaded (about 6) but only 1 clicked and worked.Took me a while to find the right version of Mptools, and the chinesse site where you can get them naruto shippuden episode 96 from now has only invitation based registerations and requires credits/money for downloads of files, tried to spend 4 to get enough credits to download the.Live Chat for Technical Support, toll Free Number :30 am.30 pm India.Here is the memory snap shot from the white key, as could not get the key out for its case from the blue one cause of epoxy or w/e that blob of glue is (is holding it pretty tight in place).Activation, to Activate Online, net Protector 2017, click Here.Re-activation, net Protector 2017, download and Run, react.Download this Mptool File.Now lets begin hacking our way and fix these flashed/fake usb keys.Tags: mptools, MXT6208A Chip, leave a Reply.