norton safe web disappeared

Norton web safe icons disappeared from Bing two days ago.
What is the problem? .
15.01 and my safe search toolbar is no longer there. .I have uninstalled Norton, reinstalled Norton, I am running the version. .Just in case I mean.These icons do appear on Norton Search.Now they only work fine with Google Chrome (also with Google search).Can someone tell me how to get it back?Hello, I'm using Norton 360 for very long time, and to be honest I have no regrets.
I just upgraded to Firefox.
My concern is, If I use Norton Power Eraser with rootkit remove option, same thing maybe happen?

As of today, they still are not working with every updates from Norton, IE and Google search, since then.I use Firefox version. .Switch to Firefox and worked fine with Google search until July 24, 2014 where they also disappeared.I just wondering why icon is gone.Norton Safe Web is enabled.I also know very well, this program removed my entire Windows folder(OS folder) and my PC got blue screen in seconds, after this I spent cpu performance monitor mac alot money for buy new windows.They previously appeared on Bing for the past year or more.
I'm not sure if this happened with the automatic version or not. .