nikon capture nx2 product key purchase

You get the idea.
That day as I fired up NX2 it dutifully informed me that Nikon now considered my license key invalid.
What I found told me the opposite.
Hey Imagemixer guys, quick newsflash: No, Im not, and you know it because I emailed you enough times trying to get a refund or lunch box delivery in mumbai an explanation, all of which you ignored.Will only replace non-working software keys with proof-of-purchase from a Nikon Canada Authorized Dealer.It did not stop working as a result of uninstalling it or reinstalling it, I simply loaded it up one day to do some work and Nikon shut the license key down and it stopped working.In the intervening years since my first look (Lightroom 1) it had come on leaps and bounds and to my delight now included a bunch of Nikon camera profiles that precisely recreate in RAW the look of my D700s JPGs.However, under 64-bit versions, the software operates as a 32-bit application: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic, microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, microsoft Windows 7 Professional.Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 3* *Only 32-bit Pre-installed versions supported.The software was slow, clunky, and a chore to deal with for bulk edits, but I really valued that Nikon look, a look I had never been able to match in Lightroom.
Why is Imagemixer still named as a company to avoid on Nikons US and Canada websites?

Installed RAM: 512 MB or more (1GB or more recommended).Hard-disk space: 50 MB required for installation; 500 MB free space recommended.As for it all being a mixup that has since been resolved I defer to the authority, Nikon.And yet here comes ImageMixer trying to sell exactly that at a knockdown rate on their website under a blurb that claims theyre authorised to.OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack.Still, lets take them at their word for one fanciful second: If it has been resolved why werent all customers informed?Installed RAM: Windows XP: 512MB (1 GB or more recommended).RAM: Windows XP : 768 MB minimum, 1GB or more recommended.
Cannot assist with any license keys sold by this site and cannot replace any non-working keys without proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.