nick hornby about a boy book

They were in the clear.
Most of me, in fact.
Not in this country.
He was seeing them now, for exampleit wasnt like he was going anywhere.Zoe was sitting next to her, looking at her and holding her hand.Will looked shocked, but she just laughed.What got him about this was that there wasnt even anything very shocking, just some puke and some shouting, and he could see his mum wasnt dead or anything.Were there any more ice-cream ones?They drove you mad.Maybe it was based on a true story, and there had been this guy who was stuck in the same day over and over again, and he didnt know himself how it had happened.Thats why I keep saying "But".I mean, youre not the reason she Youre not the reason shes here.It was a season of presents by the chimney too, but even when he was nine Will would gladly have swapped his Spirographs and his Batmobiles gta iv 100 save game pc for a little peace and goodwill.Marcus snorted and ran.There was something wrong with it, said Marcus.When it happened it was even worse than he thought it was going.Marcus could see that.

It just wasnt him.He decided against the latter version.The last two words had a rusty serrated edge on them, but Will ignored.Its Will and Mark, is that right?Are you in there, Marcus?Sorry, I see what you mean.What do you think of John Major?It was why he wasnt allowed to play violent computer games, or eat hamburgers, or do this or that or the other.And she had sounded OK this morningnot angry, not unhappy, not mad, just kind of normal and mum-likewhen she shouted for him to get a move.Fiona gave Lindsey some silk underwear, as if to say, Hey, it doesnt matter to me what you two get up to at nights, and she gave Clive a new book called The Secret History, as if to say something rather different.Marcus never said anything when she cried.
Even so, that gave him sixty-six!