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I'm reliving all games and I would like to play the mask of windows 7 sp2 with crack the betrayer expansion on my Mac, but although the initial campaign has been ported, Mask of the Betrayer seems it hasn't.
I managed to get the PC version of NWN Diamond.69 from GoG to work natively in Mac OS.6 (also should work.5).
There are other forums out ther that can help with video fixes, but I didn't bother, because I can find them on.
(5) Drop your new multiplayer CD key.ini file (from GoG email) into your wine "C drive directory for NWN.Here's how to do it: (1) Buy a copy of NWN Diamond from GoG, and download all materials.User doh123 did all the hard work of making a custom Wineskin to make this work, I have simply aggregated all the information here how to make it all work with the GoG version of NWN Diamond.The instructions with the wine download are great.To disable all videos, add a line in your.ini file that reads: "Disable Videos1" (You can search the interwebs for fixes to play the videos instead of disable them.(3) Go to this BioWare thread and download user "doh123 s custom-made copy of wine to run NWN.Post edited March 07, 2011 by Theomancer.Topic725075 amp;forum71 (4) Follow the wine instructions in the download, and install the GoG NWN setup.exe file from the download (the 2GB file).Edit: Added a bit more detail to instructions, and my rig specifications.If you find them, post them here!) (7) Open wine and run the "premium modules re-installer".exe file downloaded from GoG, to update your CD keys for multiplayer (instructions for this are in your email from GoG with the new multiplayer CD codes).(6) Edit your i file to disable intro videos, as per the instructions with the wine.Please, no parallels, VMs or similar.Multiplayer works, however I have had problems with campaign video/cutscenes.
(2) Email GoG and ask for multiplayer serial codes, so they will email you new ones (This is the second step because there's a time delay for them to get the codes to you-do it quick for fastest response, mine only took about 24 hours).
There was an old Mac version, but it is a "PPC" rather than "Universal" binary setup, which means it runs under Rosetta in the new Intel Macs, and has poorer performance.

the copy of Neverwinter Nights (NWN) Diamond (v.69) from m (Great Old Games) is the PC-only copy.How can I play the Mask of the Betrayer expansion natively on my Mac?My rig: MacBook (year 2007) 2GHz with Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel GMA950 integrated graphics, 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 sdram.I think this is all I did, and it works outstanding!I managed to get the PC version of NWN Diamond.69 from GoG to work natively.Mac OS.6.# Press "Close" button and the Oracle DB software is now installed!