need for speed most wanted cheat codes for pc

Simply hit the map button go to rosewood and then head on to the stadium, its located on the northern part in christopher paolini book 4 pdf the map u can identify in the map by zooming, its like oval shaped with 2 pursuit breakers.
Unlock Lamborguini Gallardo How to unlock: Beat Blacklist Boss #6.
Annoying Overweight SUV's: Submitted by: an indian Ok heres wat u got to do if u r encountered by SUV's.Unique Visual Upgrade: Spoiler.Try hitting your nitrous on the way out of the turn, or anytime you d&d 3.5 dungeon master's guide ii lose control, and watch how fast you straighten out.Ya the cool down is slow but it works every time.Once you hit successfully, go straight through.Tips: - Submitted by: Sam 21 It is not necessory that lamborghini, GT, SLR etc.Easy Money: In the later levels, you may find it harder to evade the police using the second story of the bus station.Porsche 911 turbo In-game Nitro tuning: You can use the In-game tuning service for your own advantage!Just take the turns and it will save you some time.Unlock BMW GTR (Race version how to unlock: Beat Blacklist Boss #1.Select your alias and click.Go to the performance tuninng and tune the car: ride hieght: -3 Aerodynamics: -5 Turbo: 4 When long turning come, do as follows: 1) Brake the car 2) Downshift the gear(use manual transmission) 3) e-brake the car.The cars following you will be stuck there fo a long time.4-Do not take petrol pump shortcuts.Again, without shutting down the game, load the new file.
Cheat code: castrol, unlock the GTO, cheat code: givemethegto, unlock All Cars, cheat code: iammostwanted.
After downloading u should double click the application.

Don't afraid of getting busted by cops, just complete milestones tries to evade the persuit, if you get busted Don't worry, Don't close the game by pressing en when you become busted -(1)if low money(fine amount) pay with the cash or(2)if high money pay with.Unlock Aston Martin DB9, how to unlock: Beat Blacklist Boss #7.You will find two slopingramps on side.By the same procedure you must.If you get to hit 'em with nitro on, you are bound to get higher bounty.Hint: - Submitted by: vinay These r just tricks 2 score more bounty, all that u need 2 do is go to the bus station n stay on the ramp or on the parking buses with at least a police cruiser winding woll b better.Keep going zanzarah the hidden portal pc around it for about five laps.This cheat was posted by Ankit Singh but i added one more tip: why blacklist no 2 cant be skipped?Select any good car(I preferred lamborghini gallrdo).