mvc insert update delete example

On the basis of this AuthorId we will Edit the record and update the record in the database.
Check Create a strongly typed view.EditIndex wEditIndex; bindGridView #endregion #region "Bind Empty Gridview with header" public void gridView, DataSet ds) try if (unt 0) /Add a blank row to the dataset wRow /Bind the DataSet to the GridView gridView.public Int32 Qunatity; Required(ErrorMessage "Please provide reorder level!Qunatity; orderLevel orderLevel; return PartialView(prod HttpPost public JsonResult Edit(oduct product) NWDataContext db new NWDataContext Product tblProd oducts.Where(x oductId productId).FirstOrDefault leteOnSubmit(product bmitChanges return Json(true, lowGet Now we completed our article.Empty; string address string.Public, actionResult Index(lectModel selectmodel).

Right click inside Index action and select Add View.Stay tuned and stay connected for more technical updates.EditIndex -1; bindGridView #endregion #region "Deletion in gridview" protected void grdEmp_RowDeleting(object sender, GridViewDeleteEventArgs e) try int empId lue SqlCommand cmd new SqlCommand delete from Emp_Tb where Emp_Id_Pk @EmpId con d EmpId lue empId; mmandType CommandType.Upload and store image in binary format in database and bind to Gridview.Ear d(new TableCell lumnSpan columnCount; ws0.Cells0.Text " font employee record Found catch (Exception ex) /Do your exception handling ac3 audio mx player here #endregion #region "Grid RowDataBound Event" protected void grdEmp_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) string day string.Public int AuthorId get; set; Required Display(Name "First Name public string Fname get; set; Required Display(Name "Last Name public string Lname get; set; public int Update(string _fname, string _lname, int _authorid) SqlConnection cn new SqlConnection Data Idsa;Password123;F SqlCommand cmd new SqlCommand Update Authors Set Where.ExecuteNonQuery In Step3 we have added one ActionLink with delete and given the authorid to it for deleting the specified authorid record from the database.
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