minecraft warp plugin 1.3.1

Changelog: Version.05 /startevent and /goevent now default to normal players, will be changed!
Commands /addwarp warpName Adds a warp at your current location and takes into account your direction - Command: /nwadd - Aliases: /nwa, /addwarp, /createwarp, /setwarp /deletewarp warpName Deletes a warp - Command: /nwdelete - Aliases: /nwd, istat menus serial number /deletewarp, /removewarp /sethome, set your home warp (currently just.Fixed a bug where /sethome was not working as expected.Show a different message if the warp name isn't unique to prevent confusion.RandomPort also adds options for RandomPorting players automatically on respawn/death, or when they use a nether portal (entering or leaving the nether).Fixed a few typos in the files.Fixed bug which reset player cooldowns if they logged out.Travelpad Name name - Names your created pad.Yml file for that language, and drag it into your TravelPad folder (overwrite the existing one).RandomPort, basic Information, this plugin is a mod that allows Admins or whoever has the permissions to randomly teleport themselves or another player to a random set of coordinates.warpgroupto group - Warps a group to another group.Post here or send me a private message!Change warp type for easy sharing with others.It was created as a simple plugin request on the forums, but has evolved into something much larger.If you set use-plugin to false, you can use the following alternative permission options: ops-only - means only Ops can use this plugin's commands.Mber - Allows a player to have a set amount of pads.

Do you want to test the plugin?Added support for issuing RandomPort commands from the console.Source Code (Coming Soon commands: /warpallhere - Warps all online players to you.3.1.3 : Warps get referenced by owner not by creator.Code cleaned.4 Updated for.2.3-R.02 Added many new options to the config Cleaned up code/More lightweight.3 Updated for all current builds support (1.1R-7 and.2.3-R.01).2 Fixed another bug.Enabled is set to true it acts like ugin was set to dynmap Added a rudimentary description for markers (click on them).Warpto /warpallhere - wah.Update the listed status also in database.3.1.2 : Fixed issues with parameterized commands (e.g.You can use asterisk for world to get all worlds if specifying type.Players may use RandomPort as a way to get right into the action and start building a base, with out having to wander through the wreckage of close to spawn bases.
Download the english version of lang.