metroid 2 color hack rom

Note: There is a much newer version of this by the creator called Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil Edition that I would highly recommend playing as well, sort of a redesigned Redesign that makes things way more accessible for everyone while being overall better, it's still.
This hack also has gameplay changes as well.
Link to game baseball heroes jar Axeil Edition: m super Metroid Redesign is an expansive hack with a huge map that can easily take 10 hours to complete even if you know where you are going.Sorry about double posting, but due to problems with my ROM being the wrong one I will postpone this hack until further notice, I will then work on Zero Mission.Also if any mods or admins would be kind and lock this thread I would gladly appreciate.Our newest community member is, soniaSingh98, view Profile.And an incredibly frustrating Tourian with super fast metroids that are nigh impossible to shake off.(Also made way better in Axeil Edition.).(Didn't bother me, but could be a turn off for some people.).New heavier physics that make jumping way less floaty.I downloaded the patch and i'm having the same issues i do with this patch t/hacks/175/ this was the base patch right?2434 users online 48 registered 2386 guests.A Gravity suitless underwater segment.There is a Chozo Statue hunt to open Tourian that is similar to having to find all of the Artifacts in Metroid Prime.I'm not sure exactly what this is meant for.Message User, thank User.

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