metabones speed booster alternatives

The Chinese company Zhongyi Optical underbelly squizzy episode 1 announced the cheap alternative of the Speed Booster named Lens Turbo The first adapters are made for the Sony E-mount system but the MFT version should follow soon.
There are some differences with the popular Speed Boosters: 1 they have no electronic contacts (no AF and no automatic Aperture control).
Leica R to NEX ( check Leica fifty shades of grey indonesia pdf R lenses here on eBay ).Zhongyi Optical also makes wondershare data recovery registration code mac the, mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens (here on eBay).Alpa lenses, rollei lenses, canon EF lenses.Contax C/Y to NEX ( check Alpa lenses here on eBay ).Price will be at least the half of the Metabones.I have been informed that these guys are going to launch a much more affordable speed booster alike adapter in July.Metabones created an amazing adapter with the Speed Booster.So if you are praying for for a cheaper alternative than your prayers will be listened by the Chinese company Mitakon.

I can't seem to find any other products.Canon EF to NEX ( check Alpa lenses here on eBay ).Last week, metabones officially announced that the new MFT Speed Booster adapter release has been delayed til late 2013.Of course we have to see 1) if the quality of those adapters will be as good as the Metabones 2) and how the heck Mitakon will avoid to get into a patent dispute with Metabones.Reminder: Here are the links to the lenses you can find on eBay and that will be supported by the Speed Booster MFT adapter: Nikon F lenses, contax C/Y lenses, contarex lenses.ButI am not sure Metabones lawyers will stay calm on this.Something that does the same thing: focal length reduction and adding a stop of light.And its also a very pricey tool.SR4 rumor from known sources, sR5 almost certainly correct!Contarex to NEX ( check Contarex lenses here on eBay ).Nikon F to NEX ( check Alpa lenses here on eBay ).