marvin windows obscure glass options

Sash Retainer Plate A nylon retainer plate used on double hung and Magnum Double Hung sash to secure the rhythm is magic game bottom sash.
Combination Door, a wood framed assembly containing an interchangeable storm panel and screen.
Mortise and Tenoning The system by which Marvin assembles authentic divided lite units, a projecting tenon on either the muntins or bars fit snugly into a mortise in either a bar, stile or rail.
Screens A close-mesh woven screen material of metal or fiberglass attached to an aluminum or wood surround.It is automatically disengaged when the sash is swung in the turn mode.Higher numbers indicate greater insulating capabilities.Roller Cams The adjustable roller devices of the Multi-Lock hardware installed on the sash of the French Casement unit.The pyrolytic coating is typically applied to the second surface, but can be applied to the third surface to provide increased solar heat gain.

Jambs, sill and head jamb) used for the Clad Magnum Double Hung Replacement System with Panning.Pultrusion Lineal profiles of constant cross section manufactured by combining plastic resin and continuous glass fiber reinforcement.Glass Size (GS) The measurement of the actual glass, not the visible glass.The clutch is attached to the block and tackle system of the balance tubes which allow opening and closing of the sash.It offers significant improvement in reducing solar heat gain coefficient values, providing customers one of the coolest summer glass temperatures of all Low E products.A secondary feature is the blocking of short wave radiation to impede heat gain.Bars, a narrow rabbeted, horizontal or vertical sash or door member in an authentic divided lite unit, extending from rail to rail or stile to stile along the total length or width of the glass opening.Mullion The vertical member of a sash, window or door frame between openings in a multiple opening frame.Low E glass is coated with a thin microscopic, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layer.Rails: Horizontal sash members.The joint is then finished with a mullion center cap or mull trim.
Handing A term used to describe the right or left hand operation of a window or door.