lync client 2013 update

This means that the proper configuration of autodiscover DNS records was now imperative for a healthy Lync environment.
As stated this issue will eventually disappear as no Root CA I know of will issue certificates with MD# hashes.
What is important to understand here is that not all Lync clients will behave the same way given this configuration, which introduces the primary topic of this article: the behavior of the Lync 2013 mobility client.Regardless of which DNS records are populated (lyncdiscover, lyncdiscoverinternal) or where they point to (Front End server, Reverse Proxy) all mobile motif es rack manual clients would still be redirected toward the external web services to sign-in.Internal ucwa service : https me /ucwa/v1/applications External ucwa service : https t /ucwa/v1/applications Unfortunately that would be an incorrect assumption.) and click, sign-In.So if the mobile client is identified as connecting to Lync either from an internal or external network it will use the appropriate URL to contact the server and sign-in.Behavior, in order to observe this behavior simply run a network capture on a workstation running the Lync 2013 client and then attempt to sign-in using a bogus SIP domain name. .4G cellular data) and an internal network (e.g.This parameter is set to always use the external web services fqdn.After determining that the Exchange certificate was the issue, I then proceeded to look active partition recovery serial 8.0.2 at the Certificate that was being provided by Exchange.Local t Subject Alternative Name hertz.To resolve this, on the Exchange server simply renew this certificate or an easier approach is to have the 3rd party CA regenerate the certificate and ensure that it does not include any of the MD# hashes in the Certificate path. .Lync 2013 Client Autodiscover. .Changes to guidance and deployment practices surrounding the Autodiscover service are also discussed.But before the registration process could occur the mobile client would need to be redirected to the Mcx URL by first connecting to the Autodiscover service. .
Im leaving it intact in the article as a reference (the configuration examples may be handy for other unrelated topics) but there is a major design flaw in this approach which will at minimum prevent the WebTicket service from functioning, among other web services. .

This would result in both the internal and external URLs using the internal web services fqdn.SBA must have the main as SAN of his certificate.Sign out of the Windows Lync 2013 client on the test workstation and then launch Wireshark.This included a new, autodiscover service which paved the way for an entirely new approach that future Lync clients would leverage to automatically locate servers, starting with the mobility clients in Lync 2010.The following statements outline the key behaviors and practices used in Lync 2010 Mobility.Dst, the resulting display should show the exact records and order that the Lync 2013 client attempted to query in order to perform autodiscovery of the Lync registration server.
TLS protocol defined fatal error code. .