lovely baby cd no.1

They start moving, mumbling, laughing or simply falling asleep.
Due to the directx outdated media player classic immense success Raimond has been awarded a Golden record.
Baby's First Improvisation, forest Sounds Make Baby Sleep "Lovely Baby.1" ( 6 ) / / 6, lovely Baby.1 ( 0 ) "Lovely Baby.1". Baby's First Own Melody, baby's Lovely Reggae, melodic Questions and Answers. When you play Lovely Baby CDs for your baby, you'll be amazed with the results.Lap, don't add to the educational value of the music.My music is meant not only for entertainment but also for learning and developing.Raimond tested out 50 babies in his neighborhood and examined the results before presenting his child with this wonderful concept.His first Baby CD-recording was created totally for his own child without any commercial interest.However it was not too long before a record-company approached him and the national release of the first Baby CD was a fact.Additionally, he has integrated an assortment of styles and musical elements into his music that stimulate babies' brains.

Lap has spent years refining his baby music.For the first three months you will see a special glow in their eyes.Most important to me is the fact that my music can change the next generation, and make it a better world.It's actually quite simple.Fact is that all his four children have amazing results at school, show great creativity and have very special musical interests and talents.Raimond Lap: I get lots of wonderful reactions.His music does even more than he had hoped for: it creates a peaceful atmosphere in a home-enviroment and relaxes the whole family.Most of the time parents are amazed that their babies really respond to my music.