lost my itunes library windows 7

The user tip Backup your iTunes corel painter lite mac review for Windows library with SyncToy gives a suggested way of doing this effectively for Windows users.
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In some rare cases, files might be left behind.Although it's highly unlikely that you'll lose any of your iTunes Library when following the steps below, it's always good practice to make regular backups of your iTunes library.Media that you buy from the iTunes Store or songs that you import from CDs are saved in your My Music folder by default. .Music Rescue Copies music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, audio recordings, playlists and notes?HT204136: About backups for iOS devices for more details about what is and is not included in the backup.This list is by no means comprehensive.

Right now there are 91 of them!IPod Access Copies music, videos, playlists, ratings and more.Windows Address Book or Outlook under Windows, iCal Address Book on a Mac).Your iTunes Library should now be restored.Select the file, then press Cmd C (Mac) or Ctrl C (Windows).If both are present, be sure to uninstall both versions.See also: HT201267: Redownload or transfer your iTunes Store purchases from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer (retired document, archived version back up (iOS only if this is an iOS device you should now right-click on it (control-click on a Mac) in the.See View and remove your associated devices in iTunes - Apple Support to manage any unwanted associations.Drag the iTunes folder in this location onto the desktop.
Tracks can be copied directly into the iTunes Automatically Add to iTunes folder to add and organize them within the iTunes library.
Move your iTunes library to a new computer for advice on moving a working library to a new computer if that is still a possibility.