legend of aang book 1

Well, just be safe, okay?
"And what of the other nations?
"No, I'm going with you!" Aang stiffened himself, knowing she would object."What do you mean?" asked Sokka, "the Fire Nation didn't take that much damage in the War, did it?" "We need to deal with a lot of soldiers that haven't known anything in life, except the War."Come on soldier, get up he said.They wore carved masks that only showed their mouths and their bodies were covered in animal skins and leaves.Gangshou walked into the meeting room full of about 20 other generals and admirals he was greeted by a voice.When Aang ran out to see what was happening, the first thing that he saw was a pile of white fur and brown feathers.To make sure that he never would never be caught in a weak state, he decided to learn swordsmanship, which learned from Piandao.He hurriedly stood up as he shook his fellow guard awake."What's that, Aang?" "It's a message that just arrived by hawk.The Domestic Forces number in about 10,000 but they are spread around the country, and the Imperial Firebenders only have about 1000 members.(Open with scene from the last episode of the Gaang in the Jasmine Dragon) "Well, I think that you all look perfect!" said Toph.I did!" Sokka said when saw the looks on the faces of the two girls.The 2 guards knew of his background, cs condition zero all maps and they really looked up to him, but he was still a man that you didn't want to mess with.There is an Earthbending tournament near Omashu in a few weeks.
Then the creature screamed, shattering the rock, and leaving the man defenseless.
The group shared one last laugh together, as they listened Uncle Iroh grumble "I don't see what's so funny, I just made that tea, and it was my best Ginseng, too.

As he neared his village, he turned and saw the creatures stop at the edge of the forest, they gave one last piercing cry, and then turned back into the woods."Let me go with you, please Aang." Aang sighed, turning away from her.It's gonna be a long transition from the War to a nation at peace explained Zuko.The sword that he crafted for himself was much bigger than most, being about 5 feet autocad 2012 ita keygen tall, and he was almost as much a master of it as Piandao.The Gaang is finally parting ways, intent on rebuilding the world.I want to get there before it starts, and that's gonna be after I see my parents." "Okay, well goodbye said Sokka as the little group shared one last hug with each other."Well, just know that we're there for you if you need anything said Aang.Then he got up and dashed to the barracks.Then I'm going to go and reclaim my title as the Blind Bandit Said Toph."We are being hunted like animals where ever.He read an ancient book titled The Darkest Day in the Fire Nation, which led him to realize that Firebenders do have some weaknesses.
The Avatar must be told.