keychain 808 camera review

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I will mainly use it with quadcopters anyway so I am not hugely concerned.
I only check blog comments once or twice a week, if you want a quick reply you can post your question on this forum.If you have any problems with this camera, do check out these troubleshooting posts.Now even with a fully charged battery, the camera would shut itself off when turned.This 808 camera is kind of junk.At the moment, I am still keeping the.7V Lipo to power the video transmitter as I found that the BEC power supply is too noise when the motors are turning and I have rubbish pictures on the screen.I do pay less than ten dollars for this camera, so I was not expecting much.Previous 1 Next, browse by home office desk furniture sets Category, all Popular, Product, Promotion, Low Price, Great Value, Retail, Reviews, China Brands.I planned to use it on multiple small quadcopters, but the quality was terrible and it would stop recording after only a few minutes.Drone Videos, january 6, 2016January 6, 2016 admin 442 Views 808 Keychain Camera, 808 Keychain Camera Review, drone, drone video, drones, quadcopter, Quadcopter 808 Keychain, Quadcopter 808 Keychain Camera, rc drone, quadcopter 808 Keychain Camera Review Watch this video of me going over all the.SD Card issues, battery issues, related.Its very simple to use since there are only two buttons, and it can be integrated into quadcopter FPV system very easily with the version 2 of this camera.Of course this camera is no where near the quality of the gopro, but when budget or lifting capacity become scarce its a good choice!Check out this video to see the quality, I have not edited the video from the plane (only cuts).Anyway its working fine with power from the 5V ESC BEC.The quadcopter I used is the mini quad, i built a few weeks back.
I do however expect it to at least record.

If you did one under this price range, really do your research.You can buy it from, hobbyking, or ebay.Quadcopter 808 Keychain Camera Review.There are some 808 Keychain cameras that do work very well, but they are around.General and Basic Troubleshoot.However when I was replacing the battery I think I might have accidentally fried the battery module.The transmitter is very noise sensitive, so would be better off having an isolated power source for.Once I received the camera, I immediately take and case off and did some modifications, such as taken the built-in battery out and replaced it with a mini-jst adapter, made a video out adapter cable to fit into my light weight FPV system etc.Buyer Protection, save big on our app!Very light weight and the quality is not bad.You might get a faster response from me there (multirotor related only).