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9 To finish the move, Renzo pulls himself into a half-guard position (that is, a position where your opponent has his legs around only one of your legs instead of the normal two).
This might well be xirl of an attempt to begin passing the guard.An experienced opponent will actively look for the move.The power you can generate with this move is very impressive.The life of a gradu- ate mcafee trial version for windows 8 student is fascinating and enriching but not financially!The only possible result is that Royler falls backward to the floor.

Youj opponent cannot effectively bite or gouge you.Now Royler shuffles the foot of his trapped leg as close as possible to Renzo's disaster recovery plan examples buttocks.When he began fighting chal- lenge matches, he almost certainly began using techniques that were not allowed in judo novel flavia de angela pdf training but which were part of his old jiu-jitsu curriculum.The other carotid artery is cut off by the other hand pulling on Renzo's opposite lapel.Failure to turn the foot out can result in your opponent performing an ankle lock on you - then it might be your turn to tap in submission!TRe lock is a variation of the kimura' lock seen eishere In fnur book.It is crucial that Royler turn to his side; the move will not work if he is flat on his back.This quickly hyper- extends the knee joint, resulting in a quick submission or serious injury to the knee.To apply the toehold, Royler uses one hand to grab Renzo's foot at the smallest toe.