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JD-Eclipse.1.3 includes JD-Core.5.3.
Fixed bug of focus on tree view.Fixed bug on generation of color coded Java source code.The JD-Eclipse protection, checking the current date, was removed.0.2.4 ed capability to alert user when a new version is available.The Linux and Windows 64-bit platforms are supported.Fixed bug with tree view.JD-Core may be used to recover lost source code and explore the source of Java runtime libraries.Added the name of the decompiled class in the title of the application.Limitation of depth of automatic folder exploration.Using the program is very easy, as all you have to do is drag the.JAR files to the window and click "Convert." Also, you can drag entire bunches of files to perform a mass conversion and save time.JD-GUI includes JD-Core. The line numbers are displayed.JD-GUI includes JD-Core.4.6.New features of Java 5, such as annotations, generics or type enum, are supported.Fixed a bug on the reloading of links between pages.
The Diamond Operators are not displayed, but decompiled source codes zonealarm pro firewall 2012 are correct.
0.2.7 ed menu "Recent Files".

Donations Did JD-GUI help you to solve a critical situation?0.2.8 Improved the ".properties" file editor.0.2.10 Fixed bug with focus.0.2.6 Fixing crash due to loading of small JAR files.Fixed bug on "Search" dialog box.JD-GUI.0.0 includes JD-Core. ed a preferences panel (Preferences Java Decompiler) to show/hide the line numbers and the metadata.JD-GUI includes JD-Core.3.5.JD-GUI includes JD-Core.4.3.The meta-data and some additional informations are added.
Added capability to escape unicode characters.
0.3.0 ed an engine captain america super soldier gameplay indexing.