ipk games for n900

Be aware though that this process is not for the faint of heart and I havent personally gotten around to kid pix deluxe for windows xp doing it myself yet.
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I gret u Boss, I culn't find D ipk files for dese games.
Games if u have dem on ur phone?.I wil b greatful to get a positive feed bk frm.

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Have any of you tried this out yet?It installs game from.Ipk file, applies all needed.Note, you must buy original game files first and download.Ipk file to your phone.Then install it using this manager in a single click.This program guarantees that.After that you need to transfer the game to the n900 which is probably easier done by downloading the.Ipk file for the game you already own.Ipk file, applies all needed hacks and creates desktop launcher.