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Family Guy TV Series Originally unaired by FOX, this last episode first aired on Adult Swim on November 9, 2003.
" Movin' Out (Brian's Song) " September 30, 2007 5ACX14 2 100 When Peter convinces Brian to move in with his dense girlfriend Jillian, she ends up smothering him, but he keeps her around for the lovin'.
It features guest star Rob Corddry in a parody of late night talk shows.
" Amish Guy " November 27, 2011 8ACX On the return from an adventurous day at game tetris battle for pc an amusement park, the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country and skyhook wireless hack software they are stranded with no way out." Meet the Quagmires " May 20, 2007 5ACX13 18 98 Death grants Peter's wish of going back in time to be 18 again just for one night so that he can sow his wild oats." Road to the North Pole " December 12, 2010 8ACX08 8ACX09 7 154 Stewies favorite thing after his teddy bear, Rupert, is Christmas." Brian's Play " January 13, 2013 aacx Brian's confidence is shaken when he reads a play Stewie wrote that's much better than his." Stewie Kills Lois " (1) November 4, 2007 5ACX17 4 102 In the 100th episode, Lois and Peter go on a cruise, leaving Stewie and the family behind." The Splendid Source " May 16, 2010 7ACX Peter and the gang's search for the historical source of all dirty jokes leads them to Virginia where they reunite with Cleveland and meet his new family.So the Griffins pack up the car and hit the road, but leave some very precious cargo at home.
Everything is great until the "new Brian" crosses the line and humps Stewie's favorite toy.

Lois takes extra care of Peter and tries everything to jog his memory and until he starts hitting on other women." An App a Day " February 14, 2016 dacx Peter learns about phone apps and overloads his phone with them.Brian was given false hope that a group of intellectuals enjoyed the novel he had previously written.When he returns to retrieve his stash, he finds a "to Peter from Peter" tape and realizes that his life has amounted to nothing.7) Volumes 8 9 June 15, 2010 (Vol." Patriot Games " January 29, 2006 4ACX25 20 70 At his high school reunion, Peter pretends to be a big-shot millionaire to impress his classmates, but the truth comes out when he meets Tom Brady and loses all self-control." Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey " March 11, 2007 5ACX07 13 93 After Peter helps Bill Clinton out with a flat tire, they become fast friends." Seahorse Seashell Party " October 2, 2011 8ACX While the Griffins are housebound during a hurricane, Brian ingests psychedelic mushrooms." The Old Man and the Big 'C' " November 4, 2012 9ACX When Brian discovers that Carter Pewterschmidts pharmaceutical company is withholding the cure for cancer from the public in order to gain more profit, he and Stewie plot to expose the big secret.In an attempt to end his uncontrollable problem, Brian tours the world in search of himself.
In an attempt to bond with his dad, Peter gets him a job as a foreman at the toy factory.
It was broadcast as part of "Family Guy Night a celebration to prelude the UK premiere of Season.