hearts of iron 2 patch 1.4

UI, fixed UI bug magic bullet express 17 piece high speed blender mixing system that made GER to never show tech bonuses.
Fixed case where AI would think that it was being encircled and would pile up its divisions in few provinces and abandon fronts.
Fixed YUG being freed when they dune audio books complete are a puppet of GER and get the anti-German coup.
Removed fascist requirement from Second Vienna Award focus abandoning the czechs during Munich now cancels any guarantees and tells the ai to stop caring about CZE (to avoid renewing the guarantee right away) fixed military access being given to the wrong country in a Romanian.Manpower lost in convoys (which is shot by navy forces) now displayed as "Losses to enemy navy" in combat log tooltip.Germany no longer wastes time prepping naval invasiosn vs france just before it takes around maginot.From Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki.If CZE exists when Germany demands Danzig from poland, they will now be very interested in joining the war rather than waiting for Germany to get around to beating them fixed ai scoring for volunteer only manpower law that meant hungary (maybe others?) could get.Planes are able to attack several ground targets at the same time now rather than one per wing TfV trees checking for an autonomy level will now accept DoD autonomy levels as well Supply areas now ignores impassable states while building the connection graph added.Highlights Important, units getting pushed back in naval invasions are now removed from the order so they won't automatically try it again (no more ping pong).Now In Combat shows default combat speed (x33) and movement gain from tactics is shown separately Double click in army list now deselects previous selection if shift is down Mission icons on the map should now include port strike Movement bonus from tactics were being.Anschluss event now takes guarantees into account Lowered upgrade bonus to self propelled AA variants air attack from 30 per level to 15 Changed Demand Sudetenland focus to fire fallback event if England is a subject Changed South Tyrol to be a core of Austria.Hearts of Iron IV: Rocket Launcher Unit Pack.Hearts of Iron IV: US Tanks Unit Pack.AI Added AI strategy to avoid some naval strategic regions AI now realises that puppets will also join the war when their overlord does ( fixes situation where China does not put any troops on their border with Japan's puppets ) AI should now prefer.Spanish civil war spirit about recovery now has higher penalty for AI evaluation to join factions.Fix for case where Germany would use too aggressive stance versus maginot line again.
Tweaked ai_chance for all CZE events to be saner.

Hearts of Iron IV: French Tanks Pack.A fix for front abandonment that makes it spread out the units being taken from other fronts.Fixed a bug where generic unit names would not work if starting letters were the same for different generics Fixed an issue where existing airwing names were never returned to the pool Fixed a bug where traded away resources decreased amount of factories available for.Hearts of Iron IV: German Tanks Pack.Splitted "In Combat: x83" tooltip into two.Hearts of Iron IV: Soviet Tanks Unit Pack.Several tweaks to allied AI to avoid "suicide game billiard for win7 invasions" agaisnt axis nations before they are at war with soviets.Romania should no longer think attacking the soviet union is a great idea Fixed bug where technologies was not updated in case of unlocking tech from another technology folder Fixed bug where some modifiers were not applied to airplanes after loading a save Fix for.Took care of another situation that cause indecisive units.Made AI respect waiting after already sending lend lease requests.