half life 2 episode two german gcf

Scince the update on May 7th, the whole Half-Life 2 series doesn't have german Voices anymore.
Gcf HL2.EXE_episodic AppId380 GCFhalf-life 2_german.
Gcf GCFhalf-life 2 episode one german.
Gcf GCFhalf-life 2 episode two russian.Gcf GCFhalf-life 2 episode two german.I've searched a while and found out, that this is a bug and only english works at the moment.Wav-files) for making the game back to german, or at least a patch for the english version, if german doesn't exist?They occupy the 9xx and 50xx range of AppIDs and CacheIDs.Retrieved donkey kong country 4 the kong's return pc from " fo/mk/Sandbox/GCF/Media ".That worked very well, all Half-Life 2 games and Portal 1 are back to german, except Lost Coast, I didn't find a patch for.Dll eamApps BaseDirHalf Life 2 GCF OriginalSteamD:GamesHalf Life 2 HL2.EXE_HL2 AppId420 GCFhalf-life 2_russian.Gcf HL2.EXE_episodic AppId420 GCFhalf-life 2_russian.But I'm not sure if valve will fix that, because there are some other bugs in other Games scince updates a few weks or month ago, valve didn't fix at the momennt.And today there come an Update that changes the languages again, now I don't even recognize the language, so I can't unterstand just one word.Gcf HL2.EXE_EP2 AppId420 GCFhalf-life 2_russian.Last edited by, flo2912 ; 9 May, 2013 @ 7:43pm.BaseDirDGamesSteamsteamApps PreferLocal1 OverwriteLocalCopy0 SteamOnline0 BaseDirDGamesSteamSteamApps HL2.EXE_HL2 AppId220 GCFhalf-life 2_german.
From Mk Sandbox, gCF, steam media, information, this is a list of all the Steam media files.
Is there anyone who knows where to get a german-patch (or just the voice.

Gcf HL2.EXE_EP2 AppId420 GCFhalf-life 2_german.Due to the length of this section, it has been moved to this subpage.Emulator eamApps PreferLocal1 OverwriteLocalCopy0 SteamOnline0 eam.; This is necessary for allowing 2GB RAM-allocations on 64bit systems.Searching German Patch (or at least english one).So I decieded to stop the automaticly updates of the game and install german patches instead.
Gcf HL2.EXE_HL1 GCFhalf-life source_german.
Gcf GCFhalf-life 2 episode one russian.