guitarmaking tradition and technology pdf

Patrick Woolery's page on making a reproduction of the Jorvik panpipes, Viking-era pipes found in York (Jorvik England.
Stephen Delft has written an illustrated article on the Compensated Nut.
Charlie Jackson 's Excel spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the hole sizes and positions for a crumhorn; and his Excel spreadsheet that calculates the hole positions and diameters for a cornetto.Native American Flute resources is a rather anemic site with a little information on the design of both Native American flutes and fujaras.There's a link at the bottom of the page to the plans.PLT format (ZIPed).Derek Roberts has documented the process of building a violin, with lots of pictures and some explanatory text.WoodCentral Guitar Stand Contest Results.Paul Butler has devoted several pages at his website to the process of researching and building early instruments: rebec, citole, medieval viol, and Anglo-Saxon lyre.Downloadable tuner, "tuning fork and metronome programs for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT,.The Mechanical Music sony prs 505 reader library Digest has a number of technical articles available online, covering such subjects as rebuilding a player reed organ (long, and detailed building a simple PVC organ pipe, and making a wooden organ pipe.The patents reference page has information of potential use to builders.
Art's Theremin Page, includes one of the earliest published articles for Theremin construction, a re-print of a 1949 article, with schematics for a tube Theramin.

Pete's Violin Making Page might be useful for people who want to know what tools are necessary for starting out in violin making.Music Electronics Archive, useful links to websites and online documents.They seem to enjoy collecting unusual instruments there - you'll have fun looking around!Also pages on materials and tools.An eclectic collection of instruments that are cheap to build, including a 12 ukulele,.00 clarinet, a kora, etc.Have a pesky buzz you can't identify?The Guitars of Richard Jacob Weissgerber, "an interesting but very idiosyncratic German builder of the early 20th century" according to one of our members, in the collection of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum der Universit├Ąt Leipzig.Smithsonian Magazine's Saving the Music Tree, an article in PDF format on the work being done to save the Caesalpinia echinata tree, the pernambuco, smartdraw 2013 keygen crack from extinction.Two pages on hurdy-gurdy setup.Nuuj's Link Depository, massive links page, mostly electronics, synth, and.The Musical Instrument Makers Forum, whom we assume are here because of an interest in building musical instruments.
Arto's String Calculator is an online java program that will help you determine optimum string diameter for a given note and length.