gta san andreas win7 64 bit patch

Fixed direct light intensity flickering for some game video options.
6 november 2013 Updated enbseries.233 for TES Skyrim without version change.
Added VSyncSkipNumFrames parameter to i for users with high refresh rate displays who need to limit game performance (game physics work wrong at high fps).
30 december 2015 I'd like to announce enbseries for the upcoming Dragon's Dogma game.6 september 2014 AMD users have bugs with.264, so i put back.262 to downloads until this will be found and fixed.30 november 2013 Updated enbseries.238 beta for GTA San Andreas without version change.22 september 2014 Latest NVidia drivers display error message.And for godsake stop annoy me with your own opinion about the game, game will not become any better from that, i rather play Blade of Darkness or some other old cool fantasy with proper mechanics.22 february 2015 Updated enbseries.266 for TES Skyrim without version change.
Updated again enbseries.195 for TES Skyrim without version change.

Temporal antialiasing do not work with SLI and Crossfire, it simply can't because of it's nature, so it only give strange artifact and low performance on games of bike road racing such configs (i don't recommend dual gpu, SLI/Crossfire hardware for gaming at all).Added another ssao computation code (from.077 for Oblivion, better for characters).Official game RAM requirements is incorrect, it need at least.5 Gb of available memory, so installed RAM size must be more than 10 Gb for OS and other processes.9 december 2013 Updated enbseries.239 for TES Skyrim without version change.From this moment i do not support AMD cards at all, for any version of the mod, current or made in future, i am not a big fan of wasting money to fix mistakes of any vendor.In continuare, un mic sondaj, iar mai jos, va astept cu justificarea optiunii, sau adaugiri tcm 2004 crack 1.2 la ceea ce am scris prin comentarii.Fixed bug with not updated parameters via backspace key, now they work at cost of huge delay while pressing reload button.Changed number to key names for input category of editor.4 february 2014 Thanks for donation from Stephen Faircloth.
Added ENightDayFactor and EInteriorFactor parameters to external shaders.
Rk Souls 2 mod development is stopped, whatever you think, it's very low quality game, from coding side, usability and almost all other sides.