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TheClassification State typical characteristics and behavior for the class the lion.
You cannot write, "Godzilla got eleven indigestions." Collective Nouns Collective nouns name groups.
Review 'do 'be' and modal support in negatives.Personal Pronouns Refer to people with pronouns: he, she, we, they him, her, us, them.The passengers enjoyed the landing of the aircraft.Plag Examples Identify plagiarized work from sample paragraphs.Number Modifiers, contrast modifying nouns with number modifiers.Verb Gerund Comment on activities by using specific verbs followed by gerunds (-ing He enjoys visiting.Participles w/ Preps Express reactions to circumstances or things with participle prep.The office on the fourth floor.

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Focusing Your Topic Explore possible areas of development and available resources; select a reasonable (do-able) amount for your topic.General Truth State facts.Adjective to Noun Suffixes suffix adjective noun adjective noun adjective noun -ness state, winter gardening ideas for window boxes quality, condition happy happiness useful usefulness kind kindness truthful truthfulness quiet quietness sleepy sleepiness -ITY state or condition active activity stupid stupidity curious curiosity mobile mobility real reality tranquil tranquility -ISM state.Noun -DOM state, condition, dignity, office star stardom fan fandom bore boredom king kingdom free freedom (AdjN) wise wisdom (AdjN) -ship state, condition, skill, office, associated with censor censorship partner partnership scholar scholarship dealer dealership workman workmanship apprentice apprenticeship -hood state, collective brother brotherhood widow widowhood.GerundParticiple Analyze how words ending in -ing function in sentences; test for noun, verb, gerund or participle: the beginning, are beginning, beginning is, very beginning.If / Unless Will the desired outcome be favorable or unfavorable?Our arrival in San Diego was at 11:00.m.
subj NP The path of the aircraft will form a circle.
Keep in mind that a single noun can fall into more than one class.