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Since 2001, Andre Taylor has had several speaking/teaching engagements, including lecturing in criminal justice programs on major college campuses.
Andre refused to plea bargain, refused to cry about his circumstances, and refused to blame any person or prosecutor for his legal difficulties.
Andre's unique circumstances allowed his young mind to soak up an education in three forums; the classroom, the church, and the street.In May 1997, the Hughes brothers approached Andre Taylor about being a consultant in their documentary movie "American Pimp." Taylor readily agreed to work with the Hughes brothers, and brought a genuine level of authenticity to the movie.He and other colleagues showed the real face of pimping, not the exaggerated caricature of the profession that Hollywood and popular culture portray.It was by walking a mile in his father's shoes that he became able to understand that human beings and the lives they lead are more complex than the black-and-white moral judgments some people make.During this time, Andre never forgot the words his father told him, "You've got to be a man before anything." As such, Taylor never allowed pimping to compromise his manhood and the values that came with.This book allows the reader to accompany Andre on the journey of spiritual and mental awakening within the mind of Andre Taylor, and in turn challenges the reader to embark on a similar spiritual and mental quest within the reader's own mind.From an early age, it became clear to all who knew Andre that he was destined for a life that would be nothing short of extraordinary.He was broke, living with relatives, but still in possession of his most valuable commodities; his keen mind and his personal integrity.But Daniel never had quite the unorthodox career path of Andre.Andre Taylor: Life Coach, andre Taylor identified strongly with Daniel from the Bible, who interpreted the visions and dreams of kings.Taylor's spiritual interests led him toward further studies in divinity, culminating in Taylor's ordination as a minister by the time he turned eighteen.Andre learned to forgive.This book has been recognized as an important tool in the empowerment of readers of all ages.He gradually earned the respect of all in his orbit, be they his jailers or his fellow inmates.

Andre has held graphic design studio names seminars at treatment centers, spoken at prisons and appeared on the TBN network several times.With these basic fundamentals, he was able to create some powerful tools that allow people from all walks of life to benefit from the lessons Andre has both learned and taught."Salt is the only baptism that transforms a male into a man." - Andre Taylor.Andre Taylor attributes his inspiration from being intellectual, spiritual, and worldly.With all that Andre Taylor has gone though in his life, he was inspired to write "The Road To Paradise a book written about recollections from a life that has challenged him to live by his principles.And like Daniel, he spent 3 years in a Babylonian captivity of sorts.
Andre's father, Mel Taylor, instilled in his son life lessons such as personal accountability, integrity, the value of spirituality, and the importance of education.