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I finally gave my gmat on 17th June 2016 and scored a 780.
There are detailed explanations for each question.After preparing continuously for around 10 days I gave another gmatprep mock scoring a 760.Use the right study material to review the concepts Click here to get some.Click here to start the.So many candidates prefer some hand-holding during the preparation phase.Just dont do the classic mistake of kitab safinatun najah pdf believing that your gmat tutor will somehow magically get you your desired score.I checked my answers and reviewed my mistakes.Feel free to ignore the earlier tip If you have even the slightest apprehension that you might need professional help to manage your preparation then go ahead and take it as it is always better to be safe than sorry.It was costly but I had no other viable option.

Using the Official Guide to set the foundation.The day before the exam On the night before the day of your gmat make sure that you have all the documents and materials that you will need and have a good nights sleep.On that last point, you may be interested in knowing that.The next thing I did was give a gmatprep mock test; I scored a 680 (this was during the end days of February) on that and was not really happy as I wanted a 700 but I did not get disheartened and analysed my weak.If you are aiming to be a gmat topper, this should inspire you.Taking the first practice test.Analysing mistakes to improve the accuracy I gave my next mock almost a week after my previous one and again scored a 760 but this time my accuracy had improved even though my score hadnt and that baffled me but I did not think much.I also felt that the questions on the quant section were easier than the ones on the other mocks but did not pay much attention to it; though now I wish I had as the quant questions on the actual gmat were tougher than the.
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