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The first such example was the brief "Mordruverse" story arc early on in the Giffen/Bierbaum run: Mon-El onkyo avx-690 5.1 test kills the Time Trapper, eliminating his influence on the timeline and erasing the Legion from existence.
The donkey kong country 4 the kong's return pc technicality: Rond also intrinsically possesses the power of being able to resist all hypnosis.) Characterisation Marches On : When she first appeared as an Amazer, Monstress talked like Ben Grimm and snarled "I'm Monstress, an' that's my only name!" When she became a Legionnaire.
During the five-year gap period, he Took a Level in Badass with his fellow Subs, and was trained to sleepwalk, rendering him substantially more threatening to his enemies.
Many arcs were dropped when Geoff Johns stopped writing the Legion back-up feature in Adventure Comics, which included Lightning Lad investigating the possibility that his older brother might've actually had a twin, the Legion of Super-Villains having their own espionage squad in the 21st Century.Many of the Heel Face Turns during the Giffen/Bierbaum run (Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, Spider Girl, etc.) were subsequently invalidated when that entire run was consigned to the dust bin.HeroicSociopath : Shrinking Violet/Atom Girl in the Threeboot Legion, subverting the personalities of her previous incarnations.Literally, in one case: he successfully manages to get former teammate Polar Boy freed from unjust imprisonment by employing the Chewbacca Defense and then quickly smuggling him off-planet before anyone recovers enough to realize they'd been bamboozled.Good thing they just happen to stumble across one of Lex Luthor's old hideaways, still fully stocked and functional after a thousand years.In Valentino's normalman, the legion is parodied as "The Legion of Superfluous Heroes".Animal-Themed Superbeing : Timber Wolf and Kid Chameleon.Legacy Character Brainiac 5, introduced as the great-great-grandson of Superman villain Brainiac, was so popular that writers eventually created Brainiacs 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and.

And it is awesome.Writer/artist (and Legion superfan) Colleen Doran was overheard at a con referring to Shvaughn Erin as "Sean" many months before the Bierbaums worked their strange magic on him/her.They accept only one member with a particular power.Hunting the Most Dangerous Game : People like to hunt Legionnaires for some reason.Great Offscreen War : The Braal-Imsk conflict during the five-year gap preceding the Giffen/Bierbaum run is only seen in flashback glimpses, but it casts a massive shadow over subsequent events.The editors refused to let them run that storyline, though, and the canonical explanation was given later during the "End of an Era" storyline leading up to Zero Hour : they're not clones, they're the originals from a forked pocket dimension created by the Time.Time Travel : Originally it was all over the place, as the means by which Superboy and Supergirl could be members of a thirtieth-century superteam.An evil version of the entire Legion was created by villains Mordru and Glorith during the "End of an Era" crossover concluding the pre- Zero Hour run.Teen Superspy : Post-Zero Hour Invisible Kid thanks to his power.Fantastic Racism even before, star Trek become a member, you had to demonstrate at least one superpower not dependent on devices.
Broken Bird : The White Witch (see " Break the Cutie " above) and Shrinking Violet (though it's a fairly brief phase).