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Murder is great, I think we can all agree, but what about endless, procedurally generated murder presented in the form of logic puzzles?
Made in just three days for a Ludum Dare competition, is this cute and retro papercraft game merely an innocent sim where you care for a virtual pet and help it grow up big and strong?0 Xaviant Games 0 Zombie Studios 1 viacej.S 0 Majesco 0 MarvelousAQL 0 Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd 0 Maximum Games, kiss ltd 1 McMagic Productions 1 Merge Games 0 Microids 7 Microsoft 7 Mike Bithell 0 Milestone.r.l.Potom, o stratil svoju enu, sa Dr David Styles stal samotárom a len zriedka opúa svoj.Getting stuck in an elevator is bad enough, but getting stuck with eight strangers, one of whom is a killer, is even worse.Tak ako Poprzednia cz, tá gra.0 City Interactive 0 Clever Endeavour Games 1 Codeatch 1 Codemasters 0 Coffee Stain Studios 1 Compulsion Games 0 Cornfox Bros.Vá úet Kategórie Ponuka Informácie 2017 GamesCenter Created by VirtualSystems 2015 Informácie o e-shope Zasielanie noviniek Sledujte nás Cookies nám pomáhajú v správnom fungovaní internetového obchodu.Mermaid Swamp, a free horror adventure by Uri, is disturbing in ways that many other games aren't, but handles the subject matter well and, in the end, provides a chilling and memorable horror experience.Taking place in a single location makes the experience fairly short and linear, but Cognition's tight, focused, and twist-filled plot, along with new gameplay mechanics and quality music, means one doesn't have to be psychic to see that Phoenix Online is going to stick the.Sounds like strange bedfellows for sure, but Blue Toad's wild narration and sense of humor keep the whodunit theme light and enjoyable while popping you from one mystery to the next.Lost in Los Angeles features lots of beautifully rendered environments and varied locations.Geographic HD NG wild HD Spektrum Travel Channel Viasat Explorer Viasat HD Viasat History Viasat Nature Viasat Spice Oznait ve / Odznait ve Zobrazit Obrázky Hodnocení Typ Vybrané stanice Poadí stanic zmníte pesunutím myí.With someone targeting brain farms and zombies going missing Detective Margh needs to find out just what is going on and who is behind all these mysterious crimes or else the whole undead community could be at stake in this interactive comic series.Waking up from a strange dream to find his reflection gone, the hero in this mysterious adventure tumbles through his mirror to find himself on the other side in a world that seems very like his own.
May 2014 (not enough votes yet) Categories: download, game, gog, indie, jjensen, mac, mystery, pc, phoenixonlinestudios, pinkertonroad, pointandclick, rating-o, windows Unravel the mystery of the moebius theory in this point-and-click adventure.
That hasn't stopped him from gathering everyone together for one of his famous "someone in this room is the killer" monologues.

Can bestselling author Dana Knightstone solve the mystery before a spirit takes her for his bride?Together they've solved their share of cases, but in this engrossing finale, they'll face a danger that can literally tear a soul apart.Well, in the case of biology student Maddie, it really is, since the guys she crosses paths with in this sweet free indie visual novel all might have very different personalities, but share one thing in common.Geographic CartoonTCM reklama boomerang NG wild nahoru.When a New York City book critic is murdered, dressed up to look like Frankenstein's monster, and hooked up to an electrical current, it's time to call the one detective who actually prefers the really weird cases: Kate Beckett.But that choice leads her on a surreal journey that will have her questioning reality.Offering to help you out, he sweeps you off your feet for a tour of this new land.17,74, viac, haunted Haunted, vydaj da vinci's demons season 2 episode 6 sa na straidelnú vpravu hadanie pokladu, aby si naiel svoju stratené dvoja a zachránil posmrtn ivot!Voli ste niekedy na zlú odboku poas jazdy autom?0 NCsoft 0 Ndemic Creations 0 NeocoreGames 2 Nether Productions, LLC 0 New World Interactive 0 Nexon America Inc 0 neznám 12 Nicalis, Inc.Nov 2013 (not enough votes yet) Categories: adventure, affiliate, casual, demo, download, elephantgames, game, hiddenobject, mac, mystery, pointandclick, puzzle, rating-y, windows The maid says all the guests in her hotel are monsters, and she's not kidding.