forgot password ubuntu server 10.04

Reset password via command: passwd username_here or use passwd root to courier final draft font reset the root password.
And assuming that they don't open your compy and reset the cmos.If a hacker gets physical access to my ubuntu box, he will get a full-access root shell Adv Reply November 10th, 2004 #4 Re: howto: Oh no!Caution : This is a full root shell!Tap it 3 times.Originally Posted by fng this doesnt look safe at all.Then press, ctrlX or, f10 will boot directly into root shell prompt without password.Its easy to change a password in Ubuntu Linux via passwd command.I forgot my password!I ed the admin ALL(ALL) ALL I need to edit this file and of course I can't.What should I do now?At Recovery Menu, select Drop to root shell prompt and hit Enter.Whatis themeaningoflife themeaningoflife: not found Adv Reply April 18th, 2005 #8 Re: howto: Oh no!This doesnt look safe at all.Then again, a Knoppix LiveCD (or Ubuntu LiveCD) is an easy way to mount the hard drive and edit /boot/grub/t to remove the password (hint, hint, hint)!Not that I'm paranoid.
The time now is 11:34.
# Sync # reboot -f /command to reboot the system Reboot alicia keys brand new day the system normally and at the login screen enter the new password, it will allow you to login That's it, you have recovered your system user password successfully.

Adv Reply April 18th, 2005 #9 Re: howto: Oh no!Boot into Grub menu, and highlight the default Ubuntu entry.To do so:.Start your computer, when youre at Grub boot-loader, select.If that doesn't fix your problem, do the steps below.What if i put a password on grub and i forgot that as well?We can follow two ways to reset the password starting from the grub menu.