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46 Fett once again found himself working for the Hutts when Gorga the Hutt hired Boba to locate the pirate Bar-Kooda.
Boba Fett in the employ of Jabba the Hutt.
They battled, but the bounty hunter was overpowered and web services concepts architectures and applications ebook forced to flee.
Unfortunately, Fett wasn't done and waited for the Falcon ea sports cricket 07 game full version to emerge from the poisonous clouds by Nal Hutta.In a bar on Florrum, Sing overheard a plot by Castas to turn the others in for a bounty, and responded by casually killing him with one shot from a blaster.Boba discovered that the holocron was floating around in the asteroid field in the Alderaan system.As the clone cradled Juno Eclipse's apparently dead body, Fett took aim at Starkiller with his sniper rifle.Solo soon became a lower priority when one of Vader's personal spies, known only as "Mole attempted to defect to the Rebel Alliance.57 After breaking Daala out of prison, Boba asked her for his payment, and asked if she could help him to create an antidote for the nanovirus that prevented him from visiting Mandalore.Although finding Kanos to be a hard target to locate, Fett managed to track Kanos to the backwater planet Meenka, where the latter was operating as a bounty hunter under the pseudonym " Kenix Kil ".The leader of the hard-liner movement, warlord and assassin Ennix Devian, hired Fett to track down the former Imperial royal guardsmen Kir Kanos, whom he believed to share his own anti-Imperial sentiment.Fett tracked down the brother through dark sector crack file the Rebels he led, killing or torturing several of them to get the information he wanted.

While he fired at Luke, in his obsession with capturing the Jedi, he failed to notice Solo.Fett's job allowed for few attachments, and the relationship was strained despite the love between Boba and Sintas.Fett was later joined by a familiar face when the Jawas stole R2-D2 from a hangar bay in Mos Eisley." " I have reason.Initially, the novels revealed tidbits of Boba's pastthat he was once a Journeyman Protector called Jaster Mereel, an alias he took to honor his father's mentor.He was dedicated to whatever job he was doing, and would often suspend grudges if it meant completing his mission.Held in a primitive cage and stripped of all his essential gear, Fett convinced Zak Arranda to free him.
I've seen what he can.
The Gen'Dai 's hatred of all Mandalorians caused him to attack the young Fett.