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8 Lyon's attire during the OraciĆ³n Seis arc After joining Lamia Scale, Lyon switched to a less imposing, yet still showy attire.
As they begin to reach the bottom, both release their Magic to try and freeze each other, though all they manage to do is freeze the water in all the surrounding pools.
4 Lyon's Edolas counterpart is said to wear multiple layers of clothing and is in love with a girl who ignores him, similar to Gray Surge.
As Tempester ominously declares that Fairy Tail's luck has run dry, he bursts into Magical Barrier Particles, which contaminate the Ethernano and poisons all Magic users within the vicinity, as noted by Evergreen.Rustyrose As the battle begins, Rustyrose summons an enormous armored creature which he calls Belcusas the Thunderclap that begins to attack them.Still on the ground, Evergreen watches as Elfman and Rustyrose argue over their beliefs.Bearing resemblance to a skull, this helmet sported a front part which covered Lyons upper face, revealing his mouth and nose, with a line of sharp teeth beneath it, and Lyons eyes not being visible from the eye slits of the mask, which was adorned.Byro Cracy Fairy Tail, Lyon Vastia, Byro font ttf e63 mywapblog Cracy Dan Straight.74 During Natsu and Gajeel 's battle with Sting and Rogue, and when Natsu alone overwhelms Sting and Rogue with his attacks, Lyon watches and smiles.Racer, however, refusing to admit defeat, charges towards the Mages, with an activated explosive Lacrima, aiming to blow everyone off.Before the group can work photoshop cs6 full crack serial out his location, they are halted by August's attempt to eradicate Magnolia, but he is interrupted and challenged by Gildarts.He then turns his attention to Gray, and notes his repulsive appearance as he states that he will demonstrate to Juvia who the better man for her is, ignoring Sherria's words.Evergreen returns with a new makeover to which Lucy commented.127 However this may simply be a matter of preference, as Lyon has also demonstrated some Static techniques, such as Ice-Make: Sword, Shield, and Geyser.When Natsu destroys the ice, he and all the other people are sprawled around the now destroyed water park.
At that moment, they notice lightning and believe that Laxus has arrived, but are disappointed to see that it's Ichiya.

Going on to say that attacking with Juvia's water is a dirty move, Lyon attacks Gray directly, injuring him.115 The following day, Evergreen, along with Freed, Bickslow and Ichiya are all recuperating in the guild's infirmary.150 Video Games Fairy Tail Portable Guild Lyon Vastia with the other playable characters in the game Lyon appears as a playable character in the first Fairy Tail Video Game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, and is playable from the beginning of the game.A while later, the two accidentally end up on the Love Love slide, courtesy of Natsu and his motion sickness.Lyon served as the main antagonist to Team Natsu during the Galuna Island incident.He is also shown to be slightly arrogant, as shown in the Grand Magic Games Arc when he is talking to Sherria about his teammate Jura.It can deactivate every possible spell, even the "unmeltable ice" made by Ur 's Iced Shell.She wore dark flats during the Grand Magic Games arc for the most part, and also began to wear fishnet tights.Evergreen realizes that Zeref (the man who they met earlier) is on the island.Lyon Vastia Yuka Suzuki Gray Fullbuster Juvia Lockser.
Evergreen tries to user her Fairy Magic against one of the soldiers, however, he uses dust to counteract her Magic and get the best of her.
Madoushi Kessen upon being unlocked.