export 5.1 premiere cs6

Although the first step in not an absolute requirement, you will, of course, have the best and most accurate results when you have.1 playback setup to monitor your.1 mix.
An option is to buy the SurCode plug-in (or use one of your three free test exports) and export an mpeg2 with.1 Dolby Surround.
Its easy to generate a multi-channel master file with isolated DME stems in FCP X, by using the Roles function.Rename the submix tracks in the timeline.This can also be automated.Then I place each track on the timeline, but I only have one track where it's written.1 and it's for the master one.Once your surround mix is complete, you can export your finished video directly from Premiere Pro or queue it for background rendering in Adobe Media Encoder.This is a simple example with 3 regular tracks and 3 submix tracks, because this was a simple project.HP Elitebook 8760w laptop.Center channel for your dialogue and narration, Front Left and Front Right channels for stereo music and effects and the rest surround sound channels for ambient sounds and sound effects panned throughout the sound field.Track Mixer panel to assign individual tracks to the channels in your surround environment.If you decide to use this exported submaster file at a later date as a source clip for a new edit, simply import it into Premiere Pro like any other form of media.Notes, the Audio Format presets are very direct and easy to navigate, but Premiere Pro has a lot of them.Clips levels can still be adjusted as you normally would.Finally you adjusted the frame size so that the cropped video clip was encoded exactly at the dimensions to which the video was cropped.With the sequence active, select File Export Adobe Media Encoder.
If this isnt correct, the rest was all for naught.
Often when encoding into various codecs, sections of the playback might drift out of sync or audio may not play accurately to the video frame.

Edit, Edit in Adobe Audition and then, sequence.In other cases, the music and effects stems are combined to end up with a single stereo M E track (music and effects minus dialogue).Although this is common practice for entertainment programming, it should also be common practice if you work in short films, corporate videos or commercials.Depending on the nature of the project, you might also want to export versions with and without titles for an extra level of future-proofing.Click on the Audio Output Mapping preference and check that the Map Output For drop-down menu matches the selection from the previous preference.I ran into this during the past week.This process is relatively easy in Premiere, too; however, you have to set up a proper sequence designed for this type of audio work.