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Youve to pay attention to the pronunciation.
Two similar 19th century texts include.
Aminur Rahman Bibliography Nirmal Das, Bangla Bhasar Vyakaran O Tar Kramabikash, 2nd ed, 2000; MA Qayyum, A Critical Study of the Early Bengali Grammar: Halhed to Haughton, Dhaka, 1982; AR Khondkar, The Portuguese Contribution to Bengali Prose, Grammar and Lexicography, Dacca, 1979.
A couple of grammarians broke the traditional style: Nandakumar Roy wrote Vyakaran Darpan (1852) in verse and rajendralal mitra wrote Vyakaran Prabesh (1862) in question-answer form.Suniti Kumar was the first to make a selection of the principles of Sanskrit grammar instead of copying them while writing his grammar.Hai's work proved to be a turning point in the study of Bangla linguistics.It is a foreign language.Tips and tricks for learning English.He regarded grammar as descriptive rather than prescriptive, as an instrument to explain or describe the language rather than as an erudite treatise.As in the 19th century, in the 20th century as well some Bangla grammars were also written in foreign languages, mainly for foreigners learning Bangla.His opening chapter on the origin of the language was quite revolutionary for his times.Muhammad Shahidullah's Bangala Bhasar Itibrtta (1959) is also a valuable addition to the history of the Bangla language.The 70's saw further studies in this field with Abul Kalam Manjoor Morshed's A Study of Standard Bengali and the Noakhali Dialect (1975) and Humayun Azad's Pronominalisation in Bengali (1976).Those who worked on creative Bangla grammar in West Bengal include Prabal Dasgupta (Haler Pashchimi Vyakarantattva, 1974 Pabitra Sarkar (The Generative Phonological Component of the Grammar of Bengali, 1975 Udaynarayan Sinha (Charyabakya Byabachchhed Bisayak Prastab, 1979; Noam Chomsky: Savjanani Vyakaranviplab, Bhasa, 1983) and Rameswar Shaw.

It was about this time that the comparative and historical basis of Bangla grammar was laid through the efforts of local and foreign linguists like John islamic studies books in urdu Beams and Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar.William Carey's A Grammar of the Bengali Language was published in 1801.The first full-fledged Bangla grammar by a Bengali was gaudiya vyakaran (1833) by Rammohun who wrote it in 1830 at the request of the School Society.We should learn English.I think you know that, Practice makes a man perfect.(Please share with your friends).Despite Rammohun's originality in writing a Bangla grammar and his remarkable analysis, later grammarians continued to write Sanskrit-oriented Bangla grammar.I collected all of them.We say, Queen of Languages!You have to read, write and speak regularly in English.
Apart from material science and engineering v raghavan pdf these two texts, no other Bangla grammar seems to have been written in the 18th century.
The most popular grammar texts were the abridged versions.