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U 30 y x FA FB 800 N u 2 Solutions 44918 1/21/09 12:01 PM Page.
Preface xi be included if the student has the necessary mathematical background.
Due to symmetry, the tension in the four cables is the same.
Note: In particular, notice that b 7 90 since the j component of uFR is negative.The component of force F acting along line aa is required to be.Determine the magnitude and coordinate direction angles of F2 so that the resultant of the two forces is zero.The mutual forces of action and reaction between two particles are equal, opposite, and collinear, Fig.U z x D y 4 m 30 8 m 8 m A u f 2125.
The force components Fu and Fv are then established by simply joining the tail of F to the intersection points on the u and v axes, is parallelogram can then be reduced to a triangle, which represents the triangle rule, Fig.
The parallelogram is formed by drawing a line from the head of F1 that is parallel to F2, and another line from the head of F2 that is parallel to e resultant force FR extends to where these lines intersect at point A, Fig.

Determine the magnitude of F and its direction.584 Chapter 11 Virtual Work 11 In a similar manner, we can also apply the virtual-work equation dU 0 to a rigid body subjected to a coplanar force system.If a man weighs 155 lb on earth, specify (a) his mass in slugs, (b) his mass in kilograms, and (c) his weight in newtons.The pascal (Pa) is actually a very small unit of pressure.12.81 N 1 kg (a) table 11 Systems of Units Name Length Time Mass Force International System of Units SI meter m second s kilogram kg newton* N kg # m.S.If the resultant force FR is directed along a line measured 75 clockwise from the positive x axis and the magnitude of F2 is to be a minimum, determine the magnitudes of FR and F2 and the angle.u Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River,.Steel is a common engineering material that does not deform very much under load.Determine the magnitudes of forces FA and FB acting on each chain in order to develop a resultant force of 600 N directed along the positive y axis.Set.u 45 FB FA y x 30 u 2 Solutions 44918 1/21/09 12:01 PM Page.
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Except for some volume and area measurements, the use of these prefixes is to be avoided in science and engineering.