dungeon siege 2 mods install

Healer : equipped with a healing staff will heal hurt mates!
There are two versions of the Mod.Grenadier: medim ranged unit, equipped with a sword and prince of persia the two thrones psp iso grenades.If you choose to install the basic version you will have to manage the conflicts with other mods yourself, saved games will be mixed up with regular saves and there'll be no custom presaves to play Broken World straight away.Gives speed, attack and defense to nearby allies.A custom folder version which is 166Mb download and requires 876Mb to create the custom folder installation of DS2BW Adepts and a basic version which is a 156Mb download and requires 247Mb to install in your Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Folder.An Beta version has just been completed which converts all of the npcs in DS2 and Broken World into Cat Mansion people (including the half-giants and dwarves).Walker boss : an expert defender and hunter.Dropped by female pro surfer names mages(necromancer, liche, pig mage) Special weapons: dropped by bosses.This mod stops the body from sinking into the ground straight away.Remember that this is a Beta and as such is mostly feature complete and stable but expect some imbalances in weapons, armor and spells.Have 3 diferent attacks: normal attack its a basic mele attack, cause confusion; Vampiric ball, a proyectile, heal the caster if the ball collides with any entity; Summon skeleton, summon a skeleton near him, the damage the skeleton does its returned to the necromancer.The Better Dungeons chess game for pc windows 7 Mod.7.10/1.6.4 by Chocolatin is a really expansive Minecraft mods that add new mobs and expansive dungeons to the regular Minecraft biomes.Over 30 mods are incorporated into DS2BW Adepts.Defender : with sword and shied, specialist in defense, while blocking they take reduced damage and reflects arrows.(Sneaking reduces reel, jumping releases it) Spiderhook: longer range and improved manual reel.Look for them in plains.
King pirate : the king of the pirates, open your eyes fighting him, he will trick with your vision.
You have full access to Acts 2 and 3 once you have been cured of the plague in DS2 and in Broken World you can access Part Two straight away if you wish.

Liche : a semi-death necromancer who gave his life to dark rituals, there creatures are dangerous, have more powerful versions of the necromancer attacks, and extra spells.These dungeons range from Pirate ships to volcanoes and really add a sense of depth and adventure if youre feeling tired of vanilla Minecraft.They are also not very compatible with other mods.Home - forums - Modding discussion - DS2: BW Mod development, some of us here at Siegetheday have been working on making an anime version of Dungeon Siege 2 like Dungeon Siege Adepts.Cursed bone: right click to summon a allied skeleton.By BrSgt_Burns, installation, just run the installer and follow the prompts - easy.Dont aproach if you are not sure you can beat him.Revolver : can be found in dungeons.