drama to the beautiful you episode 15

Teacher Lee tells Tae-Joon that Reporter yang is going to take some pictures of some students for the article and ibexpert 2012 completo crackeado she wants him to cooperate with her.
He knows that in her eyes Tae-Joon is first but he wants a fair chance and he asks her to think about it one more time.
Its Lee Hyun-woos portrayal that really shines through here as he keeps us the audience with those small beats of Eun-gyuls turmoil.He sits down and Jae-Hee stands behind him and calls his name.Eun-Gyeol guesses that its Tae-Joon and then tells her that he is going to the bathroom for ten minutes and when he gets back and if she is not here he will take that as her answer.Il sagit de ladaptation coréenne du drama japonais Hanazakari no kimitachi e, qui est lui-même une adaptation cinématographique du manga connu sous le nom français Parmi eux.She says she knows and she is going to resolve things today.Aww, s not you Seung-ri he just found out that his crush is a she.Cut to: Tae-joon waits nervously and then hears footsteps running towards him its Jae-hee.Cant you hurry back?He is crying and he then tells her that he likes her and goes in for another hug while she cries.They were pretty much girlfriend and boyfriend for a while because they shared there emotions and hurts with each other.Tae-joon pulls Eun-gyul aside and points out that he and Jae-hee used to be inseparable and now he wont so much as glance in Jae-hees direction.
But the thing that angers me the most is the me who wont be able to forgive her in the end.
Tae-Joon follows after him and says they need to talk, he asks if they had a fight Eun-Gyeol says its not any of his concern.

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Eun-Gyeol is in the washroom and Hyun-Jae is complaining because he needs to use the toilet.He said after hearing she was a girl he wasnt sure that he could forgive her but he can now.She then tells him that she is a girl and he just hugs her and says thanks for coming to be by his side.At the cafe, Reporter Yang continues to drill questions, now on the topic about the rival high jumper.He sits on a bench and sends a reply, Jae-hee, where are you?He tells her that he likes seeing her smile more than seeing himself smile.He tells her that he has known she was a girl and that he wanted to tell her but just kept it bottled up in his heart and endured.Like how she rushed over to give it to him, and when he cried into it when he didnt make the national team, and when he confessed his feelings for her.He goes on if she gives him permission he will work hard to get to know her but if she doesnt give permission he will back down from her and he wont back down on he taking the rehab treatment.Elle décide alors de se déguiser en homme afin dintégrer lécole exclusivement masculine dans laquelle il se trouve.Eun-gyul: It was probably really hard for her and she probably had no one to talk to about it with.
They eat together and while Eun-Gyeol gets water she texts Tae-Joon wondering if his interview was going well.