dragonball z gameboy color

5, between battles the csi etabs 2013 activation key game's story mode is shown through character portraits and text bubbles.
They are low, mid, and high.Before a battle the player must assemble a deck of 20 cards that they must use to battle the opponent with.Health points determine how long you can last in battle, Strength determines how much damage the melee cards do, Ki determines how much damage the beam cards deal, and Speed determines the accuracy of the player's attacks, the phase of battle the character.The 3 types of cards are attack cards, support cards, for healing or stat boosting, and defense cards.In this mode after every battle won the player gets a choice of unlocking a card.

To unlock all characters you have to beat it at least 3 times or more.Starting from Saiyan Saga to Buu Saga.During the player's second playthrough, they may be able to unlock additional characters if certain criteria is met.During the defense phase the player has the option to use CC on a support card, a defensive card, or to guard, or move up, forward, or down.The Speed stat is mostly a defensive stat.This mode is used for unlocking new cards and to gain experience quickly to level up the characters.Each character may only be leveled up 4 times total and since each character has unique stat attributes the game has a strategy element.I can assure you that you will have a lot of fun with this tiny game as long as you are not a graphics type of person.Anonymous rates this game: 1/5, this is in my top five worst games I have ever played.In the attack phase the character may use a basic no cost melee card, a command card, to gain CC, a support card, a damage card, a beam card or use the Gather-power card to increase the Ki and Strength stat.
Dragon Ball Z, the, saiyan Saga, and runs until the end of the.