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15 I Can't Take Anymore!
Jaaku Ry o shihai suru ry ) September 3, 1997 57 Goku and Eis begin to fight.
He and Giru reveal that everything that happened on this planet was planned by Giru and him.
He says goodbye to them, and then flies back and absorbs the blast.35 Goku's Ascension June 5, 2004 In his new state, Goku's powers are incredible.Desperate, Goku grabs Omega Shenron.He wasn't able to do it on the Tuffle planet because he wasn't a pure Saiyan weblog expert 7.7 serial then, since Baby was possessing him.The giant starts howling in pain, and Goku figures out that the Dragon Ball is stuck in one of his teeth.He has gathered all the energy from the earth, but it is not enough.As Goku exits the stadium, he flashes back to many of the events that shaped his past, from his adoption by Grandpa Gohan to Baby's defeat.
Daitatsumaki kogeki no jakuten o sakase ) July 2, 1997 51 Goku, Pan, and Giru find the six-star dragon, Oceanus Shenron, in a fishing village.

With none of Goku's tactics working, Super Android 17 conjures a powerful energy ball to finish him off.28 A Worldwide Problem February 6, 2004 Goku, Trunks, and Pan finally arrive back on earth.When she comes to, she finds out that he also found the five-star ball and water, and she emotionally thanks Giru and apologizes for treating him so badly.The Android turns.The Para Para brothers then command them to hand over the four-star ball, but Goku refuses.8 Whisker Power March 19, 2005 Zoonama brings Trunks back to his volcano lair, and Goku, Pan, and a villager, Doma, follow.Uch o Sukutta Gok ) November 12, 1997 63 Vegeta loses power as well, and reverts back to his base state.Baby even laid an egg inside of Majin Buu, but Buu was able to spit it out.Finally, Shenron himself appears.Meanwhile, Goku and Trunks transform into Super Saiyans, and are able to defeat Cardinal Muchi Muchi.
Goku stops by Kame House to say goodbye to Master Roshi and Krillin, who has been revived.
After Pilaf leaves, King Kai tells Goku that the only way he can return to normal is by finding the Black Star Dragon Balls, which are now scattered throughout the galaxy.