documents to go 3.0

On paper, Documents To Go sounds like a valuable mobile office companion; however, it's held back by outdated UI design and a lack of basic features all of which makes the.95 price tag seem steep.
While reviewing Polaris Office, I was annoyed at the apparent focus on document creation among mobile office apps.
According to dave game windows 7 32 bit developer DataViz, Documents To Go was the first native office suite for Android; now on its third iteration the app offers support for creating and editing multiple file formats, including DOC, docx, XLS, PPT, pptx, and PDF documents, and some surprisingly powerful editing.
Comments are visible by default, and new comments can be easily added to a document by highlighting a section and tapping Menu, Insert, and then Comment.Designed As a Sidekick, though DataViz markets Documents To Go as a mobile office solution, it's not really designed to be an all-in-one document creation and editing tool.New documents, and other options, are accessible from a ribbon of buttons throughout the app.Too many office apps, such.You also cannot accept or reject changes, but bauhaus lt demi font at least you can see them by tapping Menu, View, and then Show Changes.To my mind, receiving a document to edit is far more likely (and enjoyable) than trying to write one from scratch on a phone.Documents To Go uses a series of nested menus, which are frequently divorced from context and difficult to find.When creating a spreadsheet, I easily accessed the collection of 111 mathematical functions.To its credit, Documents To Go seems to understand that its primary function is to edit documents received while "on the go as it were.If you open an existing slideshow in Documents To Go, you can view the images, but can only edit the text.The app also has a powerful Find and Replace tool that is easily accessible.Documents To.0 for Android offers some editing tools unique among mobile office suites, but it does so at the price of an intuitive UI and robust cloud support.There's also the option to log into Google Drive, which it still calls Google Docs, but the app does not support any other cloud storage services.

The edit-over-creation philosophy reached its apex when I tried to create a new PowerPoint presentation.The app seems to assume guitar pro 6 keygen only tpb that you're not going to be creating a spreadsheet from scratch, but manipulating an existing one.It is an entirely text-only experience, and comes with no formatted templates.Mid-2011 and the design philosophy is about as old.When viewing slides, tapping to make changes simply returns you to the overview screen.While it can create new documents from scratch, it feels more like a companion app to edit documents received over email or from a cloud service.