disable windows defender windows 8 rt

So, why not speed things up a little by disabling the Defender service.
If you are looking for step by step instructions to install Windows 8 on a Oracle VM Virtual Box, read this article.If you right-click on a file, the Scan with Windows Defender menu option will no longer be present.How to fix HAL_initialization_failed error in Windows 8 installation?Well, this is a way to let you cleanup the context menu a bit by removing an option youre not ever going to use (assuming you dont want to use Windows Defender).Windows Defender, the malware and spyware utility first included in Windows Vista, got a major upgrade with Windows 8: virus protection.With the Fall Update for Windows 10, Microsoft added a Scan with Windows Defender option to context menus (the one you see when you right-click on a file).Exe (run: regedit) - Go to - Change the values of both Latency and SampleTime from 8.Are you one of those who are frustrated with Windows 8 and want to get your money back?Caution : this requires editing the registry of your device, so be careful and dont delete anything you need.Step by step instructions to install Windows 8 on VMWare Workstation.So save yourself some money and stick with the default protection, it is actually pretty good.Hi guys, So, I bought a Surface RT the other day, and I was looking for some tweaks to speed things up a little.Disable real-time protection : Open Local Group Policy Editor (run: c) - Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Windows Defender - Real-time Protection.Disabling logging, can mean a huge increase of performance of the system.Since I dont use it, I figured out how to remove the Scan with Windows Defender option.Windows RT is a tablet OS, so who needs logging, right?
Read this post to learn how to install Windows 8 on VMWare Workstation.
Or, you got a wrong version of Windows 8?

If you need some troubleshooting, you might want to re-enable this though.If you read my 2015 Free Anti-Virus Guide, you probably figured out that Im not a huge fan of Windows Defender.So, if youre like me and use an anti-virus package other than Windows Defender, heres how you can do the same: First off, be aware that this procedure does not remove Windows Defender from your Surface.You can manually 'Trim' the drive for extra harddrive performance: Trim the SSD : - Open Control Panel - Go to System and Security - In Administrative Tools, click my boy gba emulator pokemon fire red on Defragment and Optimize your drives - Click on the SSD and choose Optimize.Speed up browsing by blocking advertisements.This helped me de-clutter the context menu that appears when I right-click on a file.Install Windows 8 on Oracle VM VirtualBox - Step by step instructions.I just finished installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Oracle VM VirtualBox.
Double click on 'Turn on real-time protection' and change the setting from 'Not configured' to 'Disabled'.
If you like to install Windows 8 developer preview version, it is a good idea to install it on a virtual machine.