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Lampshaded in an issue of Captain America where The Falcon claimed that unless you made sure to windows 8 pro 64-bit multi oem dvd for hp recover the games for pc manhunt compressed body of a dead supervillain, they were sure to come back to life at some point.
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Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (adapted into Power Rangers.P.D.Captain Hero: Now you try.The clone is killed by the Queen Metroid?The lasers are powerful enough to completely destroy lesser Virtuaroids in one shot.Bonus Stage does this starting with "Morbid in which Joel dies and the others manage to free him from Hell, which is apparently on the sun.Robert Langdon appears to have been most unambiguously drowned in a tiny coffin filled with liquid, and for a few wordperfect 11 windows 7 fix chapters afterward he's caught in a trippy dream state where both he and the reader assume he's dead, but then it turns out that the.Neal Stephenson 's novel Snow Crash features "Reason a gatling gun firing depleted-uranium slivers at incredibly high velocities.Red Faction has the Rocket Launcher."Sadly, just after completing this daring rescue, Doctor Orwell suffered a heart attack and died from his exertions.
This trope is especially noticeable in story/campaign mode, where no discontinuity can be implied sometimes a single worm survives the battle, yet the whole team is back for any following cutscene and the next battle in the story.

The characters lampshade this at the wake of Queenie's disappearance and assumed death: if she's alive, they bring her back.It can be seen here, on the bottom left corner.In El Goonish Shive, death for an Immortal merely puts them out of commission for a few weeks if they die properly.However, subverted for NPCsvery few (non-attackable) NPCs are resurrected.(Why wouldn't it be?In order to utilize it, the operator has to wear an Exosuit, for not only recoil management reasons, but to provide the damn thing with additional power.Dragon Ball Z Abridged : Predictably enough, the show lampshades the entire trope in Episode 30: Yamcha: Well, yeah but, you make it sound like death has no consequence!
I brought it with me from home!
The rail rifle, wielded by pathfinders, is even larger and more powerful.