dayz single player 1.7.3

All have been tested and love rain episode 15 english subtitle are.7.3.
Compatible, so you can just load them from the Single Player menu and be romping and chopping your way through Chernarus in no time!
These Zombies still run after the player, but not at breakneck speeds like the default.Lastly, we have TWO (2) versions of modified DayZ.7.3.Just normal DayZ game play offline.No more Zeds sprinting at 200 faster than players bullshit.M/?5fejjw5m2nabq, gives you Zombies that are much tougher in the body, so shooting them in the head is the most effective way to drop them quickly.This map is just you, AI Bandits and the Zeds.You would be surprised how many people want a "clean" version, so they can show their friends how the game works without getting killed five seconds after they spawn online.The red "ammo" indicator will change from 0 in red to 99999 in green if done correctly.Note: If you spawn with an Hatchet, you must first put the hatchet on your tool belt, then remove it and "reload" it to get it to work.
First, not one, but three (3) semua lagu tegar pengamen cilik new versions of Chernarus: m/?x6h6feb7yevy8 "DaiyZ X" is your standard Chernarus map with Kronzky's Original Cheat Menu and AI Survivors and Bandits.

357 by Dalkrs 5494 by Above 29 by JokerzWild 798 by saduskie 0 by DeuxBleux 235 by by Klaycus5555 26 by edward 0 by Klaycus5555 1 by Dickinahead 1 by by Diahard1000 33 by invalid stalker 197 by 8fps 0 by Markus 14 by adolfainsley8.DaiyZ_173_AISlower_Zombies simply removes the head shot aspect, but still slows the Zombies down to more realistic levels.This isn't as big as Namalsk SP, but it's still worth mentioning because it gives DaiyZ SP players more choice when playing offline.No AI, No cheat menu.Code that restores the enemy factions to DaiyZ.Also contains Kron's Original Cheat Menu.Normal body shots will take down a Zed, so I recommend this version for maps where the AI is present since body shots are their default method of eliminating threats.I recommend this version for human players No Suvivors map only because the AI Survivors will waste ammo going for body shots since they aren't programmed to know aiming for the head is the most effective way to kill their enemies.It's Friday, so that means another small release.But Zeds still will only attack the player.