cs 1.6 tools pack

Ad arm26 ea(4) now aligns payloads of incoming packets, fixing many bugs.
Simonb expr(1) Reimplemented as yacc-style parser grammar (this also fixes PR #10995 arithmetic now uses 64 bit integers.
Lukem ftpd(8) add -W - don't log to popcap games no time limit wtmp.
Jhawk Force AP Scanning support.Simonb November 2000 ncr53c9x add TAG queue support eeh ffs reallocblks is now on by default.Matt New NetBSD port to Motorola mvmeppc boards.Ad mount(8) If device and mountpoint given, check disklabel for fstype.Note: -U meaning changed from write utmp' to don't write utmp" to be consistent with -q/-Q and -w/-W.Jhawk depca(4) Add support for the DEC DE422 Ethernet.Z, and platforms are no longer required to provide a generic (it simply can't be done for some).Simonb heimdal import version.4e assar krb4 import version.0917 gem New driver for Sun GEM, ERI, and Apple gmac gigabit ethernet controllers eeh savecore(8) add "-Z level" to control compression level, and change the default level from 6 to 1 (the fastest).
Tshiozak amiga add zeus isdn-link and Individual Computers isdn surfer support is usb update uplcom(4) driver.
Jdolecek Added infrastructure to load emulations and their executable support dynamically via LKM.

Gmcgarry libc add putwc(3), putwchar(3), fputwc(3), getwc(3), getwchar(3), fgetwc(3), fwide(3).Lukem ssh(1) configuration file renamed from /etc/ssh/nf to /etc/ssh/ssh_config.This may be needed to get certain clients (usually of Windows vintage) to cooperate.Lukem If the block size is not given on the command line nor in the disklabel then calculate it from the file system size.Lukem misc add "ntpd" user and group, and move "named" user's homedir from /var/named to /var/chroot/named.Martti Add experimental/optional page loaning code to sosend.Lukem kernel kernel builds are now mostly port independent.Ichiro add umidi(4) driver.Jdolecek kernel configs can now be embedded in the kernel binary itself for later retrieval.