code of honor game

Bill and multiple, simultaneous part-time jobs, I graduated from university and became a successful professional by day, and alcoholic and junkie by night.
But not all of you came back to the civilian world.
This was true in my case; consequently there was nobody I wanted to talk.
I kicked cold turkey alcohol and drugs, and came out clean as a whistle.Shouldn't some get musical adaptations?Frostbite 2 is next generation technology today.He is also a Purple Heart Medal recipient and a life time member of both the Military Order of the Purple Heart (moph) and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).Demonstrate to him out in the open in front of God and everybody that you too bodoni mt bold italic font have a Code of Honor that is, you also keep your word no matter what!But home no longer exists That world shattered like a mirror the first time you were shot.Those who have seen combat do not talk about.You never feel so alive as when being shot at without result.Is so attractive is because you get to feel something, which is a step up from the awful deadness of feeling nothing.The blast furnace of battle burns away impurities encrusting your soul.Rock operas are awesome.
Death whispers in your ear; Nothing matters outside my touch, and I have not touched youYET!
Writers note (1) This work attempts to describe the world as seen thru the eyes of a combat veteran.

It is a world virtually unknown to the public because few veterans can talk about.I had no idea that my way of being was not unusual for a combat vet, but the usual.You become what is know as battle-hardened, meaning that you can feel hard feelings like hate and anger, but not soft, tender feelings (which is bad news for loved ones).If they return with realistic expectations, all will be well.I was so happy burning the candle of my life at both ends that it was a real shock to discover in a rare moment of self-honesty/self-awareness I covertly contemplated suicide.Serving with Warriors who died proving their word has made prewar friends seem too un-tested to be trusted thus they are now mere acquaintances.Currently the Code is now being routinely handed out by the Veterans Administration in the greater Augusta Georgia area to Vets diagnosed with ptsd, with the National VA being petitioned to do so nation-wide.At Fort Gordon near Augusta the Code is being handed out to those awaiting discharge and to new recruits etc.In that savage place, you give your word of honor to dance with death instead of run away from.Their faces are the tombstones in your weeping eyes, their souls shine the true camaraderie you search for the rest of your life but never find.