clouds in a jar science experiment

Students learn about different types of clouds.
They form in groups, and when you see them in the mornings in the summertime, prepare for thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening.
Ask them what they feel.Within a few minutes, the first drops of colored rain made their way through the cloud and dropped into the water underneath.Subjects, science -Physical Science -Earth Science, grade, k-2 3-5 facebookbadge, brief Description, a hands-on experiment illustrates how clouds form.The water collects in the cloud until there is too much, and then it leaks through, forming rain.Slide 2.They are usually white, and kids can use them to predict fair to pleasant weather.Stratus Clouds, these cover the sky like fog that doesnt reach the ground, are gray, and produce a light drizzle or mist.Fill the glass jar half-full with very hot water.Slide 5.3 Activities for Preschool Scientific Lessons on Clouds written by: Rebecca Mayglothling edited by: Tania Cowling updated: 11/1/2014 slide 1 of 5, prior Knowledge and Objectives, before entering a lesson plan on clouds, children halo 2 windows media player skin will realize clouds are in the sky and they often appear.The cooler air cant hold as much vapor, so the moisture condenses around dust particles in the atmosphere, then come together.
How does this experiment help you to understand how clouds form in the sky?

(ice cooled the water vapor inside the jar; the water vapor changed, or condensed, into water droplets/a cloud formed).Set up a finish line on a table, and tell the children to move their "clouds" across the table with the "wind." Conduct competitive races.Point out the cotton candy cumulus clouds on your next walk, and comment on the fairness of the day.Place ice cubes in the tray.Allow children to observe the clouds for a week, recording the type of cloud in the sky every day.Each has a different altitude and appearance.Understanding Clouds and Fog Have students monitor the clouds in the sky each day for the next week or two.The children will know some clouds cover the sun and others are out when the sun is shining.Theyre usually seen in the winter and indicate fair, but very cold, weather.You might ask them What happens to water as it sits still?
When the class gets to the answer "wind ask them to put their hands in front of their mouths and blow.
Types Of Clouds, there are different types of clouds.